Top 10 Best Small Charcoal Grill (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Do you also like pure classics barbecue and a grill made of brick charcoal gives you a taste? It is not only you who seems to have many others who like the taste and aroma of the best small charcoal grill. But new gas grills provide you with portability. Take it with you anywhere.

These charcoal grills are much easier to clean than brick coal grills. And you can enjoy outdoor cooking with your family and friends.

Older grill original versions of brick are still popular for home use today. The new gas grill version gives you portability so you are good for camping, beach parties, tailgating, road trip picnics, and excursions.

The new version gives you the same Smokey taste you imagined. Certainly, it has some new technology, provides mobility, and in less time assembles and more features. In the charcoal grill allow you to be some parts will also have to be replaced.

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Top 10 Best Small Charcoal Grill Reviews

In this article we will explain some of the top features that you should look for before buying the best budget charcoal grill; Here start our list of best tabletop charcoal grills list below;

1. Cuisinart CCG190RB – Best Charcoal Grill 2022

Best small Charcoal Grill (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Cuisinart has been making kitchen appliances for the last 4 decades and its grill griller has gained fame among them.

Cuisinart has won several awards for its high-quality products, including Good Design Awards, the Gold Hermes Award, and the Gold Summit International Award.

The Cuisinart CCG190RB portable charcoal small grill but capable of giving you an excellent cooked meal with your family.

The Cuisinart top small charcoal grill body structure is built with heavy-duty steel that gives strength and portability. And the size and weight give more durability. It is ideal for patio, apartment balcony, camping, and more.

The charcoal grill has a 150 square inches total cooking area and a cooking rack made with a chrome plate is able to accommodate a lot of food at once. And chrome plate heat retainer and distributes heat evenly to the cooking surface.

The Cuisinart best cheap charcoal grill comes with a dual system that provides you with temperature control and complete charcoal management.

Grill three lid lock which provides easy and safe transport to reach the right place. Four stands give more stability and a lid with a handle covered by rubber for a safety point of view.

Cuisinart includes some essential tools, cooking sets and gloves, comfort-grip brush brushes, a 10-piece stainless steel tool carousel, and four-pack sliding skewers.

CCG190RB portable charcoal grill comes with 90 days limited warranty. 64% of the verified customer gives 5 stars and 16% gives 4 stars.

Overall, The Cuisinart CCG190RB can be a good deal for those who live longer outside of the home or who have a small family. Grills’ design, size, and weight which is suitable for easy travelers. Its value is much less than the given feature. This is the tabletop charcoal grill go and grab it…

2. Weber Go-Anywhere – Best Weber Portable Charcoal Grill

Weber is famous for its grill, whether it is a gas grill or a charcoal grill. Weber is always innovating to the satisfaction of its customers and an example of the same link is Weber Go-Any-Where portable charcoal grill with folding legs.

Being small does not give a wrong idea of ​​its performance; it will give you full enjoyment of a full-size barbecue. This will prove to you that the excellent small charcoal grill is the one you invest in.

Weber’s best tabletop charcoal grill takes up less space in your car, van, and trunk and requires an RV. It is so small that it can be fitted anywhere. It is ideal for campgrounds, fishing, travel, and picnics with family or friends.

The Weber best charcoal grill body structure is built of heavy-duty steel and inside-outside porcelain coated which gives rust and fire resistance.

Aluminum vents are corrosion-resistant providing proper airflow for an excellent taste of meat with natural flavor and juicy.

The Go-Ever anywhere grill comes with a 160-square-inch primary cooking area and its cooking grates are made of steel and porcelain-coated. Cooking grates heat retainer that evenly distributes heat all over the cooking surface.

This grill has charcoal grates and 3 glass-reinforced handles for safety point-off.

The Weber charcoal grill go-any-where comes with heavy-duty foldable legs when no need to just fold and have a lid lock. It weighs in at 13.44 pounds which is easy to carry. Lighter weight and size give portability.

Assembling manual well written and easy to understand, applying very easy and take less than 30 minutes.

The Weber’s Small Charcoal Grill has some additional features, two lover air vents, a firebox, and aluminum dampers to give you the excellent taste of your food.

The charcoal grill go-anywhere comes with 10 years limited warranty for manufacturing defects and workmanship.

81% of verified customers give 5 stars to weber go-anywhere charcoal grill and 10% of customers give 4 stars.

Overall, weber go-anywhere is the best option for 2 – 3 people who spent most of their time on a road trip. According to their facilities, the price is kept right, which will remain in your budget.

3. Weber Smokey Joe Premium Portable Grill

The smallest weber charcoal grill category includes another Weber grill which is small but powerful. The Weber Smokey Joe 14” is an option for strollers that will fascinate you with its own features. This is the best charcoal grill for steak

Weber Joe is going to give a boost to your cooking adventures and will give you a great experience of cooking delicious meats. Keep Joe 14″ with you whether you camp in the jungle or picnic with your friends.

The Weber Joe-14″ charcoal grill is made in the same manner as other Weber grills. The quality of this smoker will be no less than any of the trusted brands in the world, although Weber’s name is quite a lot.

This Weber charcoal grill structure is constructed of heavy-duty metal and the charcoal grill comes with a 14″ diameters cooking surface which is best for 3-4 people.

Cooking gates are made of heavy metal with porcelain-coated, which maintains heat for a long time for slow cooking. The lid and bowl are also finished with porcelain-coated that is rustproof, easy to clean, and retains heat inside.

Weber charcoal grill has a damper that allows you to control the temperature for your foods required.

What’s the best about this charcoal grill, durability if you take care of that unit; it’s ready to be with you for 10 years. Small size and lighter weight which very convenient to carry anywhere.

This small and best coal grill is very easy to assemble just use 3D interactive instructions for this grill and your best small charcoal grill will be assembled in minutes.

The Weber Smokey Joe Premium 14-inch portable grill comes with a 10-year limited warranty and 82% of verified customers give 5 stars and 10% of customers give 4 stars.

Overall, the grill is a great option for walks, picnics, camping in the water, and grills with friends and family. A smoke grill has all the features that a good smoker has. The price is very good compared to the features.

4. LEDESIGN BBQ Charcoal Oven

best small charcoal gill

LEDESIGN, specializes in making light bulbs. An 18-inch charcoal grill has been built by them that can compete with any major brand.

This is one of the best portable charcoal grills, is designed for a Courtyard picnic, roast meat, home BBQ, and outdoor camping.

Charcoal grill structure built with solid SUS304 stainless steel for long-lasting cooking, which gives rust-proof and reliable welding guaranteed no for break.

The cooking surface is 17.3 ″ in diameter and the grates are made with standard cooking cast iron that can hold heat for long periods of time best for slow cooking and taste of the food best.

You have full control temperature of the grill without opening the lid. Close the dampers to completely cut off the flow of oxygen to help extinguish the coals.

On the top of the lid inbuilt thermometer allows you to control the temperature as required by the food.

The charcoal grill comes with a feature bottom rack that gives you more storage space as well as a detachable stand and two roller coaster wheels allowing easy portability for camping, road trips, and more.

The LEDESIGN 18-inch charcoal grill features a touch cleaning system, very easy to collect ash and clean ash using the removable ashtray under the grill. All charcoal grills can be washed with water and dry naturally.

The lid and the handle of the cooking utensil are covered with nylon so that there is no damage to your hands.

The LEDESIGN best coal grill comes with returnable warranty days. 53% of verified customers give 5 stars and 26% of customers give 4 stars.

Overall, this grill is the best choice that is looking for the best tabletop charcoal grill. The price is good compared to the features, and will not disappoint you.

5. Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

Weber’s name is reliable in any charcoal grill which encourages the buyer. Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-inch charcoal grill will mesmerize you with its features.

The Weber 741001 original kettle is also made of solid steel, prolonging portability. Like all its designs, it is also made of good material for which Weber is known.

The Weber charcoal grill surface is 363 square inches which are best for cooking 13 burgers at once. 363 square inches enough for a home party, fishing, outdoor cooking, or picnic with family and friends.

Weber Original Kettle 22” grill gives you precision control over the temperature without opening the lid. Just adjust the dampers and release extra heat. If you want to extinguish coals then close the damp.

This small charcoal grill gives space for arranging the charcoal according to the food requirement. Gather coals on the side where more heat is required.

The Weber charcoal grill comes with plated steel cooking grates, which retain heat and make durability as well as cleaning easier.

The Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-inch Charcoal Grill features a porcelain coated lid and bowl that is a superheat retainer. And keep the temperature constant. The grill is prevented by rust, cracks, and peeling.

The Weber small charcoal grill comes with a one-touch cleaning system that gives you hassle-free cleanup of charcoal ash and debris.

The heat shield helps stop your lid handle from overheating. Two roller coaster wheels allow you to move the grill to your required location easily. Both Wheels give you more mobility and durability.

Weber charcoal grill comes with 10 years limited warranty. Wow, an unbelievable 88% of verified customers give 5 stars and 9% of verified customers give 4 stars.

Overall, after reading the reviews from the verified customers, I will just say that the best choice is for those who are looking for the best weber small charcoal grill under the budget. The price is in the right range as per the features.

6. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

The Weber original kettle is now with an improved version that boasts advanced features. The charcoal grill is going to increase your grilling passion.

Weber’s original charcoal grills are made of heavy-duty cast iron that provides heat to all cooking areas.

The Weber charcoal grill has a total cooking area of ​​363 square inches which is enough for 13 burgers to cook once. Weber’s original kettle is ideal for home parties, small events, outdoor grilling, backyard cooking, and picnic with family or friends.

The seal between the body and lid is tight which allows you full control of temperature and insulation that is give you to use the grill as a smoker.

The grill has a hinged steel plate that allows you access to replace the coal during the cooking period.

The Weber original built-in lid thermometer allows you full control using an aluminum damper and grill made of porcelain material that is corrosion-resistant.

Do not keep the lid on the ground when you are grilling, so use the hook of the lid. Very easy to clean up the grill, and you can wash the grill’s parts, and use them after drying.

The 3D interactive assembly instructions, make assimilation easier, all you have to do is follow the instructions which will be done in less than 30 minutes.

The Weber grill has the feature of a touch cleaning system using a high-capacity ash catcher that allows you trouble-free cleaning.

Weber charcoal grill comes with 10 years limited warranty. Wow, an unbelievable 90% of verified customers give 5 stars and 7% of verified customers give 4 stars.

Overall, Weber’s original charcoal grill is the best option for those who are looking for a small charcoal grill. When I read the verified customers’ reviews, I believe this best is a charcoal grill. Go grab it if you are really interested.

7. Char-Griller Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller is one of the best grill manufacturers known for its innovation and performance. Good for those who are fond of smokers. There is just one problem, decide where to cook once because it is difficult to move while cooking.

Char-griller barrel grill has attached a side firebox that feels like Texas-style smoking the meat and also you can as a tabletop charcoal grill. This portable charcoal grill is ideal for tagging, RV travel camping, and more.

The Char-Griller E82424 side firebox charcoal grill body is constructed of heavy-duty steel that gives stability and durability.

This best small charcoal grill comes with a 250 square inches total cooking surface which is best for a small family to cook delicious food for your family and cooking grates made with cast iron that is heat retained long for slow cooking.

The charcoal grill has two adjustable air dampers that allow you full control of airflow and precise temperature just use the dumpers to release the airflow and temperature.

The charcoal grill provides easy access to the grilling surface by using the stay-cool hood handles.

Char-Griller E82424 grill has a removable dump ash pan drawer for adding more fuel (charcoal) and gives quick cleanup and porcelain cooking grates also allow ease to clean.

Four heavy-duty steel legs give more stability and durability but you can’t move while cooking.

Char-Griller comes with 5 years limited warranty by the manufacturer for workmanship and manufacturing defects. 80% of verified customers give 5 stars for the grill and 4 stars from 13% of verified customers.

Overall, Char-Griller is best for tailgating, RV and more its features are not less than any small charcoal grill and are best for the price.

8. Char-Griller E6714 Akorn Jr Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill

Another great egg-shaped grill of Char-Griller is to enhance your grilling experience. Your guests are delighted with their features and different looks.

Enjoy the kamado style of cooking, char-griller with Acorn Jr., Kamado cooker charcoal grill, and smoker.

The Kamado Charcoal Grill is a small-sized but versatile grill and smokes meat with an aromatic flavor and juicy.

Grill’s body is built with 22 gauge heavy-duty steel which gives durability and maintains temperature as foods required for cooking.

The charcoal grill has a 153 square inches cooking surface which is good for patio, balcony, outdoor grilling, and more. Cooking grates are built with heavy-duty cast iron that gives more heat retention and distributes evenly.

Akorn Jr. kamado Charcoal Grill has adjustable dampers that maintain the airflow and dampers given at the top and bottom.

A Built-in lid-mounted thermometer allows you to monitor the heat for low and slow cooking as you want. And grill maintains the temperature from 200°- 700° F.

This Charcoal grill has a bottom side ash pan that gives the facility to make quick and easier cleanup of the grill while cooking or after cooking. And also you can wash the kamado smoker’s parts as you wish.

The Akorn Junior Charcoal Grill has two durable handles for easy portability while cooking food. And also less sturdy stands give greater durability and portability.

 As already mention char-griller charcoal grill comes with 5 years limited warranty. 81% of verified customers give this grill 5 stars and 4 stars are given by 11% of verified customers.

Overall, its feature is somewhat different, such as lid-mounted temperature gauges and top-down dampers are good. Arkon Jr Charcoal Grill is a great choice for your backyard and patio. The features are good but the price is very well as we compare to another grill.

9. Royal Gourmet Charcoal BBQ Grill

best small charcoal gill

Royal Gourmet is a well-known name for grill manufacturing which gives the perfect performer grill.

Royal Gourmet provides reliable quality, Innovations that are affordable. Whoever used it became convinced of it.

The Royal Gourmet CD1824E, 24-inch charcoal BBQ grill makes you feel different from its feature.

CD1824E grill has a unique design and outer body structure constructed by solid steel which gives durability and is finished with black powder-coated that gives rustproof facility.

The 24-inch charcoal grill has a primary cooking surface of 474 square inches and cooking grates made with porcelain-coated which heat retain long and stainless steel warming rack with 106 square inches.

Two foldable side shelves that give extra space for cooking preparation put spices and hold tools under your reach. And also have bottom shelves that more space.

Turn the lever in front of the grill and lift the charcoal pan as per your requirement, which is useful in giving food high heat or low heat.

The Royal Gourmet CD1824E grill integrated thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature and an adjustable damper allows control of the airflow and heat.

The charcoal grill has a front door, allowing coal to be added quickly during grilling, and the galvanized ashtray to collect ash and easy dumping.

Royal gourmet has two large wheels that allow you to easily mobility desired location and two stands give more stability and portability.

The Royal Gourmet 24-inch Charcoal BBQ Grill comes with a 12-month limited warranty for manufacturing errors and workmanship defects. 64% of verified customers give 5 stars and 4 stars by 13% of verified customers.

Overall, this grill has excellent features which means you should have this and is ideal for outdoor picnics, backyard parties, patio, and balcony cooking. You can grab it with an excellent price offer.

10. Kuuma Premium Charcoal Grill

best small charcoal gill

Kuumba made high-quality grills that perform very well in harsh weather, this girl is ideal for tailgating, boats, RVs, deck, and patio grilling. Compact and portable size allows you to take less space for storage.

The Kuuma mounted charcoal grill is constructed of marine-grade stainless steel that gives durability and comes fully assembled, and also the shiny silver color attracts the guest.

The Kuuma’s best small charcoal grill has a 160 square inches cooking area that is best for 2-3 persons and cooking grates made with stainless steel which holds heat long.

Kuuma premium steel mountable charcoal grill comes with a removable liner and latching lid for easy carrying. And has a handle for hand protection which is heat protected.

This best charcoal grill has lockable legs which give more space for portability and easy conversion to a tabletop charcoal grill.

The stainless steel body allows cleaning easier and you can wash the grill parts with a normal dishwasher and dry it.

One that is lacking in this grill is that it does not appear to control the temperature.

Kuuma’s best small charcoal grill comes with a 1-year limited warranty. 64% of verified customers give 5 stars and 4 stars by 17% of verified customers.

Overall, there is the best small charcoal grill made for boats, RVs traveling, sewing, and more. According to the features, the price of the grill seems correct.

How to find your best small charcoal grill?

  1. Price: Grill comes under your budget
  2. Size: Identify your needs first and then decide the size of the grill to suit you.
  3. Heat: The grill should reach at least 250 ° F to 500 ° F as soon as possible.
  4. Low Assembling Time: The less time you spend in assembly, the better.
  5. Natural Flavor: You bought a grill because you want a natural test and fragrance from BBQ.
  6. Light Weight: Less weight will be as easy to carry.
  7. Material: Stainless steel provides durability, stability, and rust resistance.
  8. Low-cost Maintenance: When the maintenance comes, the material is of the least value or you can repair it yourself.
  9. Warranty: If any kind of maintenance is within your warranty then what can be better than this?
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