12 Easy Steps To Install Blackstone Natural Gas Conversion Kit

About Blackstone Griddle I’ve been asked a few questions by some of my readers and friends about how they can convert their Blackstone propane grill to a natural gas grill with the Blackstone natural gas conversion kit.

This article is about propane gas to natural gas conversion grills and instructions for those who want to convert their fuel type to natural gas, regardless of the brand of grill they have.

If your propane grill manufacturer allows you to convert its fuel system, you can easily do so, if not, don’t tinker with it, call a professional to do this work.

So the question that must be on your mind right now is how will this change happen and how easy will it be with this Blackstone propane Conversion Kit?

Yes, you can convert your Blackstone propane gas grill to a Blackstone Natural gas griddle using the Blackstone natural gas conversion kit and all you need is some specialized knowledge and tools.

There are several important things you should keep in mind before doing any tinkering with your Blackstone grill. which I have outlined below.

What is needed before converting propane to natural gas grill?

When you’re going to convert a propane gas grill to a Blackstone Natural gas griddle, there’s a lot you need to know, which is mentioned below along with some of the tools.

There are many important things that you have to take care of, you can not ignore at all.

  • The first thing you need to know is the pressure of natural gas in your building.
  • Natural gas pressure in most buildings is a 7-inch gas wall.
  • If you do not know the pressure of the gas, in such a situation you will need a gas pressure gauge meter (monometer) which will tell you how much natural gas the BTU provides.
  • A crescent wrench.
  • A head screwdriver set.
  • If necessary, a drilling kit may be required which is very rare.

Natural Gas or LP Gas Manifold Pressure Test Kit

Blackstone natural gas conversion kit

Gauging Drill Kit with Handles in Plastic Case

Pit Boss Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Head Screwdriver

Blackstone natural gas conversion kit

Crescent Wrench

Blackstone natural gas conversion kit

Blackstone natural gas conversion kit

And the last one is the Blackstone propane Conversion Kit with the necessary connect fittings and tools to cover a hose about 10 feet long. Without it, the work would not be complete.

Natural gas is much faster than propane gas which is very useful when frying large meals or in a rush.

This heavy-duty hose Blackstone natural gas convert kit is 10 feet with a 3/8 inch natural gas hose for easy and quick installation using connection accessories with grill, low-pressure home appliances 3/8 male flare quick disconnection With 3/8 inch female pipe thread, and with CSA certified for safety.

The Grill and Griddle Conversion Kit include everything you need to install it, 16 natural gas orifices, 2 thread check gauges, and a 7mm orifice wrench. All you have to do is see the correct orifices and fit them.

The Blackstone Conversion Kit is compatible with Blackstone 28″ griddles, 36″ griddles, Tailgater, Rangetop combo, and Single burner rec stoves.

Please note that this does not work with the Blackstone Airfryer Griddle Combo.

Blackstone natural gas conversion kit

How Do You Covert Blackstone Griddle From Propane to Natural Gas?

Now, you have to do everything to start converting your propane grill into a natural gas grill with Blackstone 22 natural gas conversion kit as well as all models.

Step 1– Make sure the grill turns off, disconnect and remove the propane gas valve before starting work.

Step 2 – Remove the griddle top.

Step 3 – Remove the burner grate and shroud.

Step 4 – Remove the burner tube and side burners using a Screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. There’s a small nut underneath and make sure not to disconnect the side burner.

Step 5 – After the burner is opened, take it out carefully, the side burners do not have to come out.

Step 6 – Now remove the brass orifice from the valve using the included orifice tool that is in the kit.

Step 7 – Now check the removed orifice with the thread check gauge which is also included in the natural gas kit.

Step 8 – The gap between the two pitches and apply a small amount of thread sealant. But while applying sealant, it has to be kept in mind that sealant is only on the thread, its hole should be open.

Step 9 – Note:- Make sure for installing a new orifice on the main burner, 2.0 marked orifice is to be used and 1.39 marked orifice for the side burner.

Step 10 – Now install the new hole with the sealant that has the same thread pitch as the orifice that was removed.

Step 11 – Now all you have to do is install all the parts as before and convert your Blackstone grill from propane gas to natural gas grill.

Final Step – Now the last step is to remove the propane hose from the grill and connect a new natural gas conversion hose that connects to the new natural gas supply.

When you need to drill in a gas hole

If there were ever a case where you had to enlarge the vent of the grill gas, the rules are as follows. Most buildings have a 7-inch wall with 10,000 Btu of pressure and you have a three-burner grill with 10,000 BTU of pressure.

Before you begin, make sure that the gas pressure is the same for which you have the manometer. To know the gas pressure you need to know which drill bit to use. For this see the below chart

Pit Boss Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Blackstone Natural Gas Converter Kit Manual

For more details download the Blackstone propane conversion kit manual…

How to install Blackstone natural gas conversion kit

For more clarity watch out the video


The job is simple and gets finished within 30 minutes but needs safety and security. I suggest you ask or hire a local expert to do the work.

Blackstone propane vs natural gas

If your town has a natural gas line, you should use this feature to fuel the Blackstone gas grill for your backyard grilling adventure.

Let’s see the Blackstone propane vs natural gas difference.


Often your neighbors will have pointed out that there is no difference in performance between propane and natural gas grills, in fact, it is a common thing but we are talking when the outside temperature gets as cold as -45F.

In this case, the performance of propane is hindered because it cannot vaporize, but this is not the case with natural gas. Propane and natural gas work in a similar way.


If you’re using a propane gas grill, you’ll need two tanks so you can use the other one when the propane gas runs out. Sometimes the gas runs out in the middle of cooking.

But if you’re working with natural gas, you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel.

Cost Effects

A 20-pound propane tank costs you $40 to $50, and it is possible to exchange a full tank in some places, such as most major grocery, hardware, big box stores, and some gas stations. And the cost of refilling it would be expected to range from $3 to $5.

Natural gas is usually $.50 to $2 per therm which is billed plus you will incur additional monthly maintenance/administrative fees, but still good.

Overall – Blackstone propane vs natural gas

  1. There is no performance difference between propane and natural gas, except in extreme cold.
  2. Natural gas gives you more convenience and never worry about running out of fuel which is a big difference.
  3. Choosing a gas fuel ultimately depends on what fuel source you have access to and what the costs are in your area. If your city has natural gas pipeline then it should be used which is cost-effective which is another big difference.

What is The Benefit of a Natural Gas Kit?

Why would you want to convert a propane gas grill to natural gas? Let’s know some of its benefits.

  • Hassle-free carrying the gas tank around the backyard.
  • You want to get out of the propane mid-cook.
  • Want to give the grill a setup instead of walking all over the backyard?
  • There is a long cooking process that makes natural gas quite cheap.

Other Brands Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Nexgrill natural gas conversion kit

This refurbished product has been tested and certified to work. The refurbishment process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and re-packaging. The Nexgrill natural gas conversion kit comes with all relevant accessories.

Blackstone natural gas conversion kit

Weber natural gas conversion kit

This highly flexible conversion kit fits snuggly into the Weber gas grill and converts from propane gas to natural gas with ease. This Weber natural gas conversion kit has everything that’s easy to replace.

Blackstone natural gas conversion kit

Kitchenaid Grill Natural Gas Conversion Kit

This KitchenAid conversion kit is for a natural gas unit and you must have natural gas on your patio or deck to be able to use this grill.

This convert kit for these KitchenAid grill models to NG: 720-0709, 720-0709B, 720-0709C, 720-0733, 720-0733A, 720-0819, 720-0819A, 720-0891B, 720-0826, 720-0891R, 720-0893, 720-0745, 720-0745A, 720-0745B, 720-0787, 720-0787D

Blackstone natural gas conversion kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert a Blackstone griddle to natural gas?

Yes, you can convert the Blackstone grill to natural gas by following a few steps, all you need is some electric and gas working experience. If you do not have experience then follow our given easy steps

What size orifice is needed for natural gas?

The size of a natural gas orifice typically varies from about 0.014 to 0.026 (inch diameter). It totally depends on the unit’s gas pressure.

For deep information 0.026′′ (1,835 Btu/h at 4′′ pressure) for commercial cooking units and 0.018′′ (879 Btu/h at 4′′ pressure) for a natural gas water heater pilot.

How much is a natural gas conversion?

A typical conversion cost in your backyard kitchen or home kitchen is about $10,000-$15,000, but when it comes to converting a gas grill unit to natural gas, conversion kits cost around $40-$80 more. There is a labor cost separate.

Can you drill out LP orifice for natural gas?

You can, but have the right tools and information for orifice drilling size for natural gas.

Can you convert a Blackstone 22 to natural gas?

Yes absolutely, but starting out you should check the manual that your Blackstone grill may be capable of 17″ and 22″ natural gas conversion kits.

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