Blackstone Pro Series vs Regular Grill Expert Buying Guide

Blackstone is the world’s best flat-top grill manufacturer. Of course, the Blackstone grill griddle comes with some great features along with a simple design to cook everything you want. But nothing is so unique. If you’re here for the Blackstone Pro Series vs. regular grills, go crazy.

So many Blackstone lovers and flat-top grillers are confused between the Blackstone Pro Series and the regular grilled grill. So here comes the question, is the Blackstone Pro Series worth it? Or just promote around it. I thought about it and we don’t want to stop this discussion.

This article is only for those who really want to know what is better for you Blackstone Regular Series or Pro Grill. You will soon know which flat-top grill lives up to the company’s claims.

I have a question what is it about Blackstone that makes it a pro? Let’s move on to a comprehensive analysis of Black Stone Pro vs Regular Series Grill to choose the better option.

Quick Comparison – Blackstone Pro Series vs Regular Grill

Model36″ Pro Series36″ Black Grill
Cooking Area720 Square inches720 Square inches
Head CoverHardcoverNo
No. of Burners44
Dimensions62.50 x 28.50 x 41.50 Inches62.50 x 22 x 36 inches
Storage1 cabinet,
2 drawers, hooks, magnetic strips
Bottom shelves
ShelvesBoth sideBoth side
Weight150 pounds120 pounds
Easy CleanGrease Management SystemGrease Management System
Price Check PriceCheck Price

Blackstone 28 Pro Series vs Regular

Blackstone 28″ Pro Series Grill and the Regular Grille have similar features and performance but the Pro Series has some additional features such as a storage cabinet, hardcover, and more.

Let’s do the compression features between the Blackstone 28 Pro series and the regular.

Model28″ Pro Series Grill28″ Grill Griddle
Cooking Area519 square inches470 square inches
CoverHard CoverNo
No. of Burners22
Dimensions41 x 35 x 22 inches LxWxH44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches LxWxH
Storage1 cabinet,
2 drawers, hooks, magnetic strips
Bottom shelves
ShelvesBoth sideSingle
Weight120 pounds75 Pounds
Easy to CleanGrease Management SystemGrease Management System
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Blackstone 36″ Pro Series Griddle

Blackstone Pro Series vs Regular

The Blackstone 36 Pro Series Grill comes with some unique features that make it different from other grilled grills on the market. It proves to be good to gather at home. A great option for enjoying grilling meat in your backyard and hosting parties.

Blackstone 36″ Pro Series grill with a hardcover is made of a high-quality steel structure and a cooking griddle made from cold-rolled steel that provides a high level of durability and helps distribute heat evenly.

Blackstone 36″ Pro Series grill with hard cover has a cooking surface of 720 square inches which is great for everything like meat, vegetables, pancakes, and burgers. It can accommodate 8 to 10 people at once So get ready for your home feast.

The Blackstone Pro Series features 4 adjustable stainless steel burners that produce 60,000 BTUs of power so you can get the perfect temperature you want. This excellent feature allows you to achieve different temperature levels in different pan areas.

The Blackstone 36 Pro Series has a built-in electric igniter that gets off to an excellent start with the push-button battery power. The Blackstone Pro Series comes with a hard cover that prevents contamination of the food on the pan and also provides the unique flavor of steam cooking on the pan.

The Blackstone Pro Series features multiple storage drawers of various sizes to help you store everything you need like propane gas cylinders, ingredient packets, tools, and more. You don’t need a separate table to hold your ingredients tools and more.

This Pro Series has counter shelves that are attached. It has magnetic strips to help you easily fix your cooking items. Allows you to keep all grilling tools, spices, and grilling essentials under your hands.

The Blackstone Grill grill has a grease management system that helps clean the grill without any hassle. You can clean it easily with the help of towels and spray. Pro has four sturdy wheels that provide mobility.


  • A huge 720 square inches of cooking surface
  • Grease management system for easy cleaning
  • Hard Head Cover
  • Heat controlling knob
  • Both sides shelves with a hook for hanging
  • Magnetic strips for cooking utensils
  • Storage cabinet and drawer


  • Small wheels

Blackstone Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill

Blackstone Pro Series vs Regular

The Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle is by no means lagging behind in performance. Can be used easily if you have even a minimum of experience. There is no competition for it in the market. It also uses the same manufacturing material as the Blackstone Pro Series grille. Durability is also the same.

The Blackstone comes with a flat top 720-square-inch cooking surface that offers restaurant-style cooking. This flat-top griddle is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the best choice for backyard grilling to enjoy a party with family or friends.

The Pro Series and Regular have 4 burners with similar features such as heat-adjustable burners and an electric ignition system for reliability every time you start. The cooktop is made of cold-rolled steel which is great for even heat distribution and cooks juicy meats.

To help the user there are shelves on both sides to keep food preparation items. A bottom shelf for whatever you want to store here. As well as the paper holder, trash bag hook, and tool hook that you all keep under your arm.

The body finish is a black powder-coated frame which enhances its durability. 4-Stainless steel burners make maintenance easy. It has a gas tank holder under the left shelf.

For excellent maneuverability, it has 4-strong wheels that make it easy to move around on the ground without any hassle. The two wheels have a locking system for stability, so the griddle has nowhere to go when you cook.


  • A huge 720-square inches cooking area
  • Control over the heat by the burner
  • Storage Bottom shelves
  • Grease management system for easy clean
  • Either side shelves
  • Excellent portability


  • Not Comfortable (Heat)
  • The locking lever may Break

What is The Blackstone Grill Specialty

Blackstone Grill is world-renowned for its exquisite products. Better than another grill maker. Blackstone completely changed the game of backyard grilling in 2005 which it still holds. Blackstone already has millions of fans around the world with its product.

Blackstone has a variety of grills such as gas grills, outdoor grills, indoor grills, electric grills, and more. The countertop is one of the coolest features. Both the products are good so today here we are comparing the features of the Blackstone Pro Series with regular grills.

The best part is that the Blackstone grille uses stainless steel material for construction and some other grills are made from high-quality steel with a black powder finish. The units are more durable and reliable to maintain. The pricing structure was so affordable to invest in for a long time.

Which is a good thing about Blackstone is that countless tools made by it are easily available in the market. Its heavy product is designed keeping in mind the needs of the customer. They have been a major contributor to changing the traditional grilling.

Final Verdict

There is a kind of cold war going on in Blackstone Pro Series vs. Regular and people are curious which one is better. I have chosen you as the winner Have you chosen your winner too?

For me, Blackstone Pro Series Grill is the winner which should be number one with the best features. Talking about Blackstone Pro Series and Regular, Pro has all the features you need for good grilling.

However, the fan following is much higher for regular grills, which suggests that if you don’t get it a regular chain is also a great choice for some reason but the Pro is a very heavy and excellent design which you should like.

It is not necessary that you and I have the same opinion here because you have your own choice. I hope you have chosen your Blackstone Flat Top Grill.

An Option From The Blackstone Grills

If you don’t like any of the two from Blackstone Grill, there is a great option for you that you might like. Let us jump on the Blackstone 1883 Gas grill’s features, performance, and remoteness.

Blackstone 1883 Gas Grill With Hood

lackstone Pro Series vs Regular

This Blackstone Flat Top Griddle Station is perfect for backyard grilling sessions and great for camping, road trips, and other outdoor activities, so you need this grill station in your arsenal. Upgrading your kitchen is convenient and efficient.

This Blackstone 1883 gas grill is made of heavy metal and a blackened finish is highly powder-coated and is designed for use in any type of weather. Which is built for the best durability and performance.

The Blackstone 1883 gas hood has a 524-square-inch cooking surface made from cold-rolled steel. Two heavy-duty stainless steel burners produce 30,000 BTUs of electricity per hour. You can make hash browns on a slow frame on one side and fast egg crisps on the other.

This heavy-duty grill has shelves on both sides that conveniently organize your cooking area, a prep station for serving veggie dinners, burger patties, and more. It also serves as a resting place for your spatula and a convenient preparation table. This propane griddle features a hood to protect the surface of the grill from the elements and eliminate splatters and dirt.

You can take the propane tank apart, fold the legs, and move it back and forth between backyards and campgrounds with ease. Which is great for portability.

It also has an integrated grease management system that captures all the droplets and makes cleaning easy.

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