Camp Chef Grill Box Review; Does it Dominate?

The name Camp Chef comes up at the top today when you are looking for a portable grill that comes with a durable and high-quality grill. Today we do Camp Chef Grill Box review.

The best grill you’re going to get in the size of a briefcase will cost around $100. There are three models of the Camp Chef Box Grill. Best for those who want a professional grill but don’t like the idea of ​​overpaying.

It’s small but powerful enough to completely change your cooking style. If you know a little more about the Camp Chef Barbecue Box, I’m sure it’s a must-have for your next camping or tailgating event.

Since it has become the choice of people as soon as it hits the market and with all the features of a small grill.

So the Camp Chef Grill Box guide article will help you to understand the features, quality, and performance.

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Camp Chef Grill Box Review 2022

Camp Chef Grill Box Review

Although there are many portable grills available on the market, there are certain things that we like about them. But its all briefcase type design provides great comfort while collecting, carrying, or storing.

Let’s find out what we like about camp chef grill box 16″.


A fair amount of thoughtful engineering is incorporated into the overall design of the Camp Chef Professional Barbecue Grill Box.

This barbecue grill box is quite interesting because it doesn’t have any burner installed. It is designed to fit on a propane Camp Chef stove.

These are specially designed to work with their models GB90D, TB90LW, TB90, TB90LWG, TB90LWG15, SPG90B, CCH2, CCH3, and CCH4.

Grilling Performance

This grilling box technically relies on a secondary heat source to make it work. This works well with some of the Camp Chef models we talked about above. However, it will work on any side burner that has an area between 16″ and 24″.

You are able to easily adjust the heat as needed for the food you are cooking. The heat diffuser distributes heat evenly. Cast iron grill grates take 10 to 15 minutes to heat up but maintain enough heat to develop a nice sear and crust afterward.

Everyone needs a grill unit that has the ability to smoke and steam their food. Thanks to the Camp Chef Box Grill. Just keep in mind that the size of the ribs, chicken thighs or even brisket should be the best small grill.

Lockable Lid

You have rotated the grill with one hand in your life, it is true that you can easily hold it. The grille comes with a locking hinge mechanism that holds the components in place. You’ll never need to find grill grates.

As mentioned, this grill can be easily converted into a smoker and steamer. For that, you need a great lid so that the smoke and steam can stay inside. Here it works fine.

Built-in Temperature Gauge

Now everything is ready but the biggest problem is that when you are going to throw the meat in a preheated grill to bring it to the right temperature, you need to know whether your grill is at the right temperature or not.

Although there is a pre-installed temperature gauge on the market, the low quality only adds to the problem.

A temperature gauge on the top lets you get an accurate heat estimate, thanks to this small grill from Camp Chef. You’ll never worry about whether the grill is hot enough to make a perfect sear again.

Convenient Size

Camp Chef Grill Box Review

Camp Chef’s Grill box has three versions that come in a convenient size that’s perfect for individuals and small groups.

It has enough cooking surface for some hamburgers and steaks or even a main dish and a side, perfect for camping or outdoor events.

This Camp Chef works with a burner stove, you can choose to feed your group as well. It also has three designs that come with 1, 2, and 3 Burner.

Easy Setting Up

As mentioned, it is designed to work with Camp Stove and fits well with some Camp Chef models. All you have to do is put it on the stove to set and also make sure it doesn’t move or slip just connect the propane tank to the gas line and start cooking.

If your idea is to feed larger campsites with it, it might be too small, though it’s a great option for 2 or 3 and easily fits in a bag or in the back seat of your car.

The small size makes it perfect for grilling enthusiasts. This is a great option.


The warranty does right justice to the price which is the 1-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturing company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temperature of Camp Chef Box?

The camp chef grill box will typically get up to 700 degrees.

Does it work the same way as Sidekick?

You’ll need to buy a sidekick and the BB30L if you want the grilling option. Otherwise, the sidekick comes with an included griddle which is great for roasting and searing.

Is there a grease trap or container?

The Camp Chef BBQ box is specially designed with heat diffuser plates that convert the flame to infrared heat and instantly vaporize grease dripping.

Is it an attachment that fits on the sidekick?

Yes, the Camp Chef Box fits on the Sidekick! I absolutely have a weakness for BBQ boxes.

Did it replace the sear box?

Yes, the sidekick sear (PG14BB) has replaced the sear box.

Will the grill box sear a steak as well as the searbox?

Yes, of course, the BBQ box will sear a steak.

Final Verdict

We hope you have a great little grill waiting to be turned right into a portable grill. Exquisitely designed from high quality that fits any budget. Its diffuser plate is designed to spread heat evenly over the entire cooking area.

Its biggest drawback is that it has no fuel source but Camp Chef is a great option with a stove to deliver some high-quality flavor. You are looking for this grill but you would not know that more than 1500 grill units of all three designs have been sold.

Gives you high-quality performance as far as its performance is concerned. The grill’s cooking grates are made from cast iron which is easy to clean and has excellent heat distribution.

Apart from this, the biggest advantage of this grill is its size which makes it the best portable grill. Because you want the best small grill, these two features have to be thanked. It can be easily moved from place to place and can be used to prepare meals for moderate groups.

If you still aren’t convinced, then you should read Camp Chef Grill Box reviews by its verified user and see what they are saying. Later you decide whether you have to buy or not, and the link has been given.

ImageModal NamePrice
Camp Chef BBQ Grill Box ComboCheck Current Price on Amazon
Camp Chef BBQ Grill BoxCheck Current Price on Amazon
Camp Chef Deluxe Barbecue Grill BoxCheck Current Price on Amazon
Camp Chef Professional Grill BoxCheck Current Price on Amazon
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