What Difference Between Traeger Scout and Ranger?

Traeger Tabletop Pellet Grill is going to give you all the convenience. Scout and Ranger are the two best portable pellet grills on the market. But what difference between Traeger Scout and Ranger?

While you are going to get a top-class portable pellet grill that too manufactured by Traeger.

Although you have seen and used many tabletop grills, allow me to read this Traeger tabletop pellet grill review. If you are a Traeger fan and you are looking for a good tabletop pellet grill then there is nothing better than Traeger, you know it.

It is so probable that it will take up very little space in your vehicle and also takes up very little space to store. Made from heavy-duty material and trust Traeger. Imagine eating grilled turkey by the river while away from home. But your dream will only come true if you have a portable Traeger Grill.

Best Traeger Tabletop Pellet Grill Review

This pandemic makes most Americans try to enjoy the outdoor grill as much as possible. It’s better than going to a restaurant. We have two of the best Treasure Tabletop Pellet Grills that never leave behind the taste of wood. Whether you’re cooking RV-side after a long day traveling the streets or setting up camp in the deep woods, try and add some serious flavor to your entrée.

Here we discuss Traeger portable pellet grill which has excellent features and performers which we selected. Traeger has managed to both Scout and Ranger, but there are obviously compromises.

1. Traeger Ranger Pellet Grill

What Difference Between Traeger Scout and Ranger?

Traeger Ranger grill is my first choice for tailgating with friends and family. Traeger Ranger grill body structure is made of high-quality porcelain and a cast iron griddle that gives you the perfect sear to your steak.

There are some limitations to this small grill as well. It has a total cooking area of 184 square inches which is perfect for just 2-3 people. The Traeger Ranger Grill gives you a 100% all-natural hardwood pellet that infuses the great flavor of wood smoke into every cooking.

This portable pellet grill is built for the outdoors and features a baffled lid designed with a latch for excellent durability and safe transport. Consistent temperature control gives you reliable results every time, and the Traeger Ranger Grill makes it easy to master your BBQ and repeatable.

Pack a Traeger Ranger to cook a feast, no matter where the adventure takes you. It’s a daunting task to “clean up” after grilling, but it has porcelain-coated grill grates that make cleaning easy.

Now see what features you get with this Traeger Ranger.

  • A digital ARC controller with advanced grilling logic that maintains precise temperatures
  • It has a cast iron griddle which is best for heat distribution, easy cleaning, and perfect for bacon, grilling, searing, and frying eggs.
  • You have to maximize the temperature up to 450ᵒ and operation is very easy with a 12V battery.
  • The Meat Probe allows you to monitor your cooking meat and control the temperature with ease.
  • It also comes with a warming mode that keeps your food hot, without overcooking food.
  • The Traeger Ranger Grill measures 184 square inches which is enough for 2-3 people and excellent for outdoor grilling.
  • This portable grill weighs 60 pounds and has an 8-pound hopper capacity of pellets.
  • The cook timer lets you know when it’s time to sauce or check food

2. Traeger Scout Wood Smoker Grill

What Difference Between Traeger Scout and Ranger?

The second Traeger tabletop pellet grill has similar structure material which is used in Traeger Ranger porcelain. So we can say has the same quality of materials.

If we talk about the cooking surface area both have the same 184 square inches that are excellent for RV grilling and outdoor cooking. It will take 100% all-natural hardwood as a fuel that influences the same as the Traeger Ranger grill.

This tabletop grill is also built for outdoor cooking and has the same baffled lid with a latch for perfect durability and hassle-free transport. It has a consistent temperature controller that provides excellent control over the temperature. The Traeger Scout makes grilling easy to master.

It is so small that to take it anywhere in the same way, even if the adventure takes you to the top of the mountain. Traeger Scout is designed for easy cleanout. Read here best buy a smoker.

Now see what features you get with this Traeger Scout.

  • A Digital Pro Controller allows you to get precise temperature control just set the temperature
  • The Traeger Scout has a cast iron griddle that is excellent for heating distribution, easy to clean, and best for frying
  • It needs to operate 12V 100 DC volt and you have to maximize the temperature up to 450ᵒ
  • The portable grill has a meat probe that allows monitoring the internal cooking temperature of meat
  • A warming mode that keeps your food warm without overcooking it.
  • The Traeger Scout and Ranger have the same cooking area of 184 square inches good for 2-3 persons.
  • This portable grill weighs 45 pounds and has a 4-pound hopper capacity.

Traeger Ranger and Scout Wood Smoker Basic Information

What was your reaction when you first came across the idea of a very small/micro-sized pellet grill? When I think of these micro-sized pellet grills, the first question on my mind is, where do all the components fit in? First, how to fit the pellet hopper to the grill? and then how to fit an auger and a combustion fan with a motor into a firepot. It surprised me.

Traeger Ranger vs Traeger Scout

The most common question asked the people is, What is the difference between the Traeger Scout and Ranger? One of my objectives in this post is also to bring to you the difference between Traeger Scout and Traeger Ranger. Let’s talk a bit about their features and specifications.

  1. At first, I notice some differences in body composition between them, but both come with a cooking surface of 184 square inches. The Ranger (60lbs) is heavier than the Scout (45lbs). This is something worth noting.
  2. The section of Traeger Scout will read that it has a 4-pound capacity hopper to keep you off the grill while you are doing long/slow cooking/smoking. But the expensive Traeger Ranger has an 8-pound hopper capacity which is much better if you want longer/slower cooks.
  3. Both tabletop pellet grills have meat probes that can easily reach max temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The Ranger has a digital ARC controller that excels at controlling temperature, instead of the digital PRO controller used in the Scout. The difference is that the ARC controller can increase and maintain the temperature at a 5-degree increment and Digital Pro Controller set and maintain the temperature at 25-degree increments.

What Difference Between Traeger Scout and Ranger?

All the basic features are the same in both but still, there is a difference.

There are the Traeger Scout and Ranger temperature controllers, with the former being the old-fashioned, first-generation Pro digital controllers.

The Scout has a Digital Pro Controller and the Ranger Pellet Grill comes with an advanced Digital Arc Controller.

The PID-based digital arc controller allows you to change the temperature in increments of 5 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, the Pro digital controller in the Scout model only lets you change the temperature by up to 25 degrees.

However, the difference is not noticeable for all practical purposes unless you have more developed taste buds.

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FAQ – Traeger Tabletop Pellet Grill

What is the smallest Traeger grill?

Traeger Ranger and Scout both are micro-sized smokers that perfect for traveling, RV, and tailgating. Both have 184 square inches of cooking surface. it is best for 2-3 people with a meat probe, temperature controller, lighter weight, tabletop feature, and more.

Does the Traeger Ranger smoke?

In simple words Yes, Traeger Ranger features to smoke meat and grill.

Does the Traeger Ranger have WiFire?

Traeger Ranger has no WiFire and two other cheaper smokers from Traeger don’t (Traeger Scout and Tailgater)

Is the Traeger Ranger a smoker?

Yes, Traeger Ranger allows grill and smoke meat anywhere for your adventure. Traeger Ranger’s smoking range from 165 degrees to 450 degrees for searing, bake, and more.

Can you smoke with Traeger Scout?

Yes, this versatile Traeger tabletop pellet grill offers you to smoke anywhere. But best for RV and tailgating grilling. You can smoke at temperatures 165 degrees to 450 degrees to sear to perfection.

How long do pellets last in Traeger Scout?

Traeger says that a smoker burns 1-3 pounds of pellets each hour which means 20-pounds of bag smoking for 6-20 hours depending on which type you are cooking. Time depends on high or low heat.

Final Verdict

Let’s discuss which tabletop pellet grill is best for you, the Ranger or the Scout. You can cook for hunting/fishing over the campfire so that they taste great without much effort and time.

As discussed beforehand, both are best for 2-3 people and not enough for a full-sized Traeger Grill cooking for Scout and Ranger’s family and friends.

My recommendation is the Traeger Ranger is a perfect choice for you and it is the best introduction to the world of wood pellet grills for beginners.

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