5 Best Grill Griddle Smoker Combo Ultimate Buying Guide

If you want to enjoy the grill and smoked meat, that too on just one unit, please hold your heart, I’m going to tell you the best grill griddle smoker combo drawing from our experience. This grill and griddle smoker combo offers the best cooking experience where you can grill veggies, chicken, and smoked meat.

It is about the grill grilled smoker combo that gives you the perfect taste. All these grill smoker combos have the versatility that delivers delicious and great taste.

There are many excellent brands in the market that manufacture indoor and outdoor smoker grill combos, but today are only talking about outdoor flat-top grill smoker griddle combos.

Most people are confused about which is the best grill and grilled smoker combo, and how to find it. But I know you are busy and don’t have all day to research it. For your convenience, I did some research and listed premium quality grill griddle smoker combos for backyard grilling and smoking.

These grill and griddle smoker combos come with great features that you can easily operate. You have to cook with this combo such as juicy steaks, grilled seafood, potatoes, pancakes, veggies, smoked juicy tender meat, and more.

Best Grill Griddle Smoker Combo

Actually, the grill griddle smoker combo’s market has to be narrowed down so only we find two combo and test it. After two combos there are some more combos that do not have griddles but you can easily use them by buying a separate griddle attachment.

Enjoy the grill-griddle smoker combo list;

1. Pit Boss KC Combo Series 4-IN-1

best flat top grill smoker combo

After putting it to the test, this is the best Pellet smoker Griddle Combo based on our first-hand experience. Pit-Boss KC Combo Platinum Series grill is the best grilling fuel in this powerful grill machine.

You can get the excellent taste of real wood on gas fuel using the pellets grill and smoker, gas grill, and backyard griddle combination. Would you be interested in the top 10 flat-top grill

This KC combo grill combo structure and internal components are made of heavy-duty stainless steel which ensures it works for a long time. It is designed for harsh weather and is corrosion-resistant.

This Pit Boss Smoker grill griddle Combo is pretty impressive with its robust 11-in-1 cooking versatility, so have to grill, smoke, bake, braise, roast, sear, Char-Grill, and BBQ with all-natural hardwood pellets and propane gas.

This Pit Boss KC Combo griddle size is ​​1001 square inches of cooking area which is more than enough for a house party. If you are looking for the Best Pit Boss Combo grill with a huge cooking area then this is an excellent choice.

Pit Boss KC Combo Platinum Series Grill features a fully Digital Control Board that gives you complete control over the heat. PID technology offers a “set and forgets system”. It has a key component alert system for notification.

When we use this product, the team finds new features of Smoke IT technology that allow you to manage the cooking work from your smartphone. You simply integrate Bluetooth and WiFi controls to enhance the experience of the app.

This KC grill and Griddle smoker combo allows you to connect with your family and friends while cooking on the Pit-Boss Platinum KC combo.

Additional features in this best KC grill are a slide plate flame broiler, with adjustable control knob in front for open and closed straight flame-searing meat. Built-in grill lighting for occasional nighttime grilling. The KC grill has a powerful temperature range from 180° F to 500° F which is very great. Check out the best built-in grills

The grill has 2-meat probes made of stainless steel that provide the internal temperature of cooking meat with real information. Pit Boss grill griddle smoker combo has a 26-pound hopper capacity, which you fill once you can cook for 20-24 hours in a row.

The grill includes a cash management system with built-in cleaning brushes, an easy-access hopper cleanout, and solid side and bottom shelves for durable built-in storage. Pit Boss KC Combo griddle Replacement is very easy if you want.

2. Camp Chef 36 in. Wi-Fi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker

I have this great pellet grill that is any dedicated outdoor chef’s favorite BBQ station that is versatile. Although it can’t reach the blazing-hot temperatures required, it is equipped with a sear station that can be used as a griddle.

The Camp Chef Woodwind Wi-Fi Pellet Smoker Grill Combo is a versatile cooking machine that can do it all.

You can smoke and grill your food at temperatures ranging from 160F to 650F in the main cooking chamber, or achieve even higher temperatures up to 900F for searing and grilling on the attached sidekick.

After conducting experiments with this amazing unit, you can smoke, grill, roast, and bake all on one piece of equipment. Read the in-depth review of Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 36.

It’s a high-tech unit, featuring a PID controller with constant temperature control, which helps keep temperature dial-ins and outs incredibly accurate. You just set a temp on the controller, and it stays there.

The Camp Chef Woodwind Wi-Fi Pellet Smoker Grill Combo not only offers incredible cooking capabilities but also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can connect it to your home network and monitor and control your cooking from anywhere using the Camp Chef Connect app on your smartphone. Controlling the unit from the phone was great in our experience.

You can stay informed about the progress of your cooking with real-time notifications, monitor both the grill temperature and the internal temperature of your food, and adjust temperature settings as needed. This makes it easy to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection every time.

The sear box on the Camp Chef Woodwind Wi-Fi Pellet Smoker Grill Combo is built with heavy-duty steel construction that can withstand high temperatures. It will be used like a Griddle.

The market for the Grill Gridley smoker combo isn't as large as two manufacturer would like it to be. So even after searching for over 10 hours, we could only get our hands on two. Some people are also searching for it by looking at the picture above the post but we regret to inform you that it has been discontinued.

Now I am going to tell you about the grill smoker combo on which some team members have experience, on which we have tested by installing a griddle plate attachment.

3. Oklahoma Joe’s Grill Smoker Combo

The Oklahoma Joe is a fantastic smoker grill combo that has everything you need. If you want a more traditional smoker for your backyard, this 3-in-1 grill, barbecue, and smoker is perfect. You can cook steak or burgers quickly during the week and take your time slow cooking over charcoal.

The Oklahoma Joe grill and smoker are built to be very strong, so they can last a long time. It’s really heavy, weighing 205 pounds, and is also really big, measuring (74W x 5D x 50.6H). The materials used to make it, like heavy gauge steel, are tough and long-lasting. It’s a really big cooker, so it’s not meant to be taken on the go.

The Oklahoma Joe Grill Smoker is very easy to assemble, but it may take a few hours of manual labor due to its small bulkiness.

The Oklahoma Joe grill and smoker is really easy to use and it has grates made of heavy-duty cast iron that are coated with porcelain. The cooking area of the grates is really big, measuring 1,060 square inches. This means that you can cook a lot of food all at once, making it perfect for big parties in your backyard.

It has 3 main burner tubes that each produce 12,000 BTUs of heat. In addition, it has a side burner that also produces 12,000 BTUs. This means that you’ll have plenty of heat to cook all of your food.

Temperature gauges on each compartment, make it really easy to control the temperature while cooking. There are also plenty of dampers that you can adjust to control airflow and temperature.

The handles on the grill are made of heat-resistant material, which means you can touch them without burning your hands. This makes it easy to check on your food or add more charcoal without the risk of burning yourself.

4. Char-Griller E5030 Dual

After conducting experiments with it, The Char-Griller E5030 Dual grill comes with everything you need to improve your cooking skills. If you want to take your cooking to the next level, you can attach a griddle plate to this grill and create a variety of dishes. It’s a versatile grill that allows you to cook whatever you want.

The Char-Griller E5030 is made of heavy-duty steel construction for long-lasting use. This is a medium-sized two-cooker and is easy to move around the backyard with the help of 2 heavy-duty wheels.

The Char-Griller E5030 Grill Smoker Combo is very simple to use and it has special grates made of heavy-duty cast iron that is coated with porcelain. The cooking area is really big, measuring 870 square inches which is more than enough for the backyard event.

It has 2 main burner tubes that produce 24,000 BTUs of heat, this is the perfect area where you can place the griddle attachment.

Both the cooking boxes have separate temperature gauges which makes it very easy to monitor the temperature. There are also multiple dampers that you can adjust to control airflow and temperature.

It is designed to be easy to clean and easy to assemble with 2 separate heat-resistant handles. It makes it easy to control the heat with adjustable grate height and dampers.

5. Smoke Hollow 3500 4-in-1

best flat top grill smoker combo

There is no doubt that the Smoke Hollow 3500 is a great unit that you can keep in mind. This grill and griddle combo is made of heavy-duty steel with, a stainless steel burner, cooking grates made of cast iron, and griddle porcelain coated.

This nice model comes with a total of 860 square inches of cooking area which is enough for a large family. There is a separate searing cooking zone. You can grill, smoke, braise, sear, BBQ, and more.

This grill has two separate cooking zones, The gas grill features a temperature gauge that you can monitor heat and porcelain-coated heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates. And three independent stainless steel burners with porcelain flair guards.

This smoke hollow 3500 is excellent on the temperature controller, there is a temperature gauge on the charcoal side that indicates the temperature conditions and you will also have to control using an air damper to control the smoke. It has a removable and adjustable charcoal tray that can easily add fuel and clean ash without opening the lid.

The gas grill smoker side has three burners that produce 34,200 BTUs of power per hour and are easy to control with a twisting knob. A side sear box has a separate burner that produces 9300 BTUs. Porcelain fireboxes and cooking grates offer easy to clean with clothes.

This smoke hollow comes with a year-limited warranty which is less for this price tag. But all these features are excellent for a house party with your loved one. It is an excellent option for backyard grilling and smoking.

What is Griddle Flat Plate?

The griddle flat top plate has become so popular option for those looking to add versatility to their outdoor cooking setup.

If you have a grill, you should consider adding a griddle flat plate on your grill, which can be fitted to any BBQ grill so that you can get the griddle-like convenience of your old grill unit.

This type of grill plate is perfect for cooking a wide range of foods, from breakfast staples like pancakes and bacon to lunch and dinner favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and grilled vegetables.

What to Consider?

  • The entire surface of the plate heats evenly, so you won’t have to worry about hot spots or uneven cooking.
  • The griddle flat top plate is easy to use.
  • Must be a griddle flat top plate easy to clean.
  • While most griddle flat top plates are made from nonstick materials, some are made from cast iron or stainless steel. Choose one as per your preference.
Cast iron plates are durable and provide excellent heat retention, while stainless steel plates are lightweight and easy to clean.

What Is the Best Griddle Flat Top Plat

After putting the Uniflasy Universal Griddle Flat Top Plate to the test, it is a high-quality cooking accessory that is designed to convert your standard gas grill into a versatile flat top griddle. This plate is made of durable stainless steel and is compatible with most gas grills, making it a great addition to your outdoor cooking setup.

Design and Features:

It has lots of sizes that can easily fit in every grill like Weber, Traeger, Camp-Chef, Pit Boss, Nexgrill, and many more. It features a smooth cooking surface that is perfect for cooking a variety of foods, including pancakes, eggs, bacon, and vegetables. The plate is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean.

One of the great features of this griddle plate is its versatility. It can be used on both sides, with one side featuring a smooth surface and the other side featuring a ribbed surface.

The ribbed surface is great for grilling meats and creating those sought-after grill marks on your food. This dual-sided design allows you to use this plate for a variety of cooking applications.


Installing the Uniflasy Universal Griddle Flat Top Plate is quick and easy. Simply remove your existing grill grates and place the griddle plate on top of the burner. The plate is designed to fit most gas grills, so you should have no problem getting it to fit on your grill.


This is a high-performance cooking accessory that can handle a wide range of cooking tasks. The smooth surface heats up evenly, allowing you to cook your food to perfection. The ribbed surface is great for searing meats and creating those signature grill marks.

One of the great things about this griddle plate is its ability to retain heat. Once it heats up, it stays hot, allowing you to cook your food quickly and efficiently. This is especially important when cooking for a large group of people, as you can cook multiple items at once without having to wait for the griddle to heat back up.


Cleaning the Uniflasy Universal Griddle Flat Top Plate is easy. The stainless steel surface is non-stick, so food doesn’t stick to it. This makes it easy to clean up after you’re done cooking. Simply wipe down the surface with a damp cloth or paper towel, and it’s ready to use again.

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How to Select the Best Outdoor Grill Smoker Griddle Combo?

Now is the time to know what factors to consider before buying the best grill smoker grilled combo. May this best flat top grill review article also help. I hope you have read the complete article. If you have noticed in which pattern you have written, then you must have understood what things need to be kept in mind when you are going to buy the best grill griddle and smoker combo.

Let’s start to find the best griddle grill smoker combo.

Your Budget For the Best Griddle Grill Smoker Combo

First of all, you have to make sure what your budget is because it will decide what features you are going to get. For a good griddle grill smoker combo, you will get a great grill for a minimum of 300 to 500 dollars.

Constructed Material

This is an important part of the selection of the best BBQ grill smoker combo. If you get a grill made of stainless steel then ensure that you have a durable grill. Which prevents rust, is easy to clean, and is durable and designed for harsh weather.

Cooking Area, and Size

If you have to do grilling or smoking for your family, then 400 to 500 square inches is a lot, but if you have to decorate the plate for your friends and guests in the feature, then you require over 800 square inches of cooking space.

You also have to pay attention to whether you are living in a building or that the grill should be of appropriate size, lest you buy a grill and there is no space in your patio or balcony. Those whose backyard is good need not pay much attention to it.

Temperature Control

Today some of the best temperature control systems come with which you can easily control the temperature of the grill griddle smoker even while talking to your loved ones.

Most girdles have to be manually controlled. The gas grill uses a knob and the charcoal grill has an air damper for excellent temperature control with an integrated temperature gauge.

How Easy to Clean

After completing cooking, cleaning is the most boring thing, so take special care of how easily the grill tries to clean it. In addition, if all parts of the combo appliance can be disassembled and cleaned it becomes easier to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a grill griddle combo?

The Pit Boss Casey Combo Series 4-in-1 was designed for a grilling enthusiast experience. This gives you the excellent comfort of your backyard grilling experience!

This Pit Boss Casey Combo Grill is incredibly adaptable, so you can use the grill and grill combo to grill

Are combo grills good?

There are no common drawbacks here if we think that the grill with grilled smoker combo is good. Some brands make excellent grill smoker combos with a higher price range.

The price is high but the quality is not good. But if you really want to enjoy the grill smoker griddle combo, then you have to pay a good price for the excellent grill.

Are griddle and grill the same?

If you ask me what the difference between a grill and a griddle is. Of course, there is a difference.

Grill has distinctively raised ridge bars or solid plates that allow to food cook directly over the heat, and griddle cooking with a flat and smooth surface area.

What is a combination grill?

You don’t have to do much to do the charcoal grilling but then you can get a great taste of the charcoal smoke and grill.

A propane gas tank that is attached to the BBQ with a burner unit puts the charcoal in the firebox with the push of a button and is ready to give you the taste of charcoal.

Is there a gas grill that also is a smoker?

There are 2 designs for Pit Boss 2 Series and 3 Series gas smokers. There are other options you should consider.

Final Verdict

After conducting experiments on all these BBQ grills. In my experience, Pit Boss is the only brand that has a wide range of Grilled Grill Smoker Combo out of which we give Pit Boss KC Combo Series 4-in-1 good performance with the best features.

Best Grill Griddle Smoker Combo One drawback is that there is only one model on the market that combines all three combos. If you really want this combo then you can visit the official site of Pit Boss.

The grill smoker combo which according to our experience will give the best result is presented to you but if you have selected anyone below second then you have to buy a separate flat top.

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