How To Fix Grilla Grills Problems

Grilla Grills Problems – Come find out why your Silverbac pellet grill is not heating up or the temperature is fluctuating, temperature overheating, flaming out, and many other issues. After completing this article you should be well-versed on how to fix Grilla Grills Silverbac problems.

While every type of grill that has technology in operation is bound to cause problems at some point in the future, the Grilla Grills Silverbac Pellet Grill has excellent technology. But as things get old they keep creating problems but you continue to work with your beloved grill smoker as he is your trusted unit.

When your trusty grill has problems that means time to learn how to fix the issues. But the biggest problem with Silverbac smokers is that it doesn’t get as hot as before or doesn’t get hot at all.

If your Grilla Grills Silverbac pellet grill is not heating or is getting a temperature error, there are a few main reasons it could be, see below.

  • Auger system jammed
  • Bad hot rod igniter
  • Dirty can in the sensor.
  • Make ash so the grill won’t burn
  • Low-quality pellets
  • A bad fan
  • Used pellets stored improperly

Here, you’ll learn how to fix just about every Grilla Grills problem, whether it’s your pellet grill not heating or temperature fluctuations.

A common problem with pellet smoker grills is overheating and underheating. Here you can learn how to fix these problems so you can make things hot again.

Grilla Grills Problems & Solutions

Let’s start with the details one by one so that you can do everything yourself as before.

Grilla Grills Auger Not Turning

If you get a turning issue with your Silverbac pellet grill, it doesn’t take much effort to learn and understand why it’s causing the problem, but it’s a little trickier to fix.

The most common causes of pellet grill augers jamming are the use of pellets left out too long or the use of poor-quality wood pellets. By the way, I believe that the biggest reason for this problem is laziness because people often do not pay attention to cleaning the hopper.

When you leave wood pellets in the hopper for a long time, the moisture in the hopper seeps into the pellets. This will happen only if the hooper and pellets are not cleaned for a long time. The auger becomes problematic when you start using moist wood pellets again.

Here you can blame the pallets but the real culprit of this problem is laziness. This is a problem that is caused by a faulty or broken component. This problem can be fixed with some suggestions otherwise contact a professional to solve this problem.

Fix Grilla Grills Problem

If the Gorilla Grylls Silverbac Auger gets jammed, the only solution is to open it and clean out the bad pellets so that this problem doesn’t happen in the future. But to avoid this there are some measures that you should follow.

  1. Always clean copper after use.
  2. Before starting make sure the pellet and the inside of the hopper are completely dry.
  3. Always use high-quality wood pellets.

Watch this video to learn how to clean a jammed auger easily and fix the Grilla Grills Silverbac Problems.

Using Low-Quality Wood Pellets

It is because of bad pellets that not only the heating zone of the Grilla Grill Pellet Smoker is affected but every other pellet grill brand also fails to balance the heat.

Because in the greed of saving a few dollars you have bought inferior quality wood pellets for use. According to experts, it will not burn properly as compared to high-quality pellets.

You’ll need to check your grill manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations regarding pellets to get the right heat and flavor.

How To Fix Grilla Grills Issues

  • Immediately stop buying low-quality pellets as they cannot give you reliable heat and great taste.
  • Always use wood pellets as directed and recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Explore options for high-quality pellets.
  • You have to put in a lot of effort to use wood pellets properly.

Traeger Grill & Pit Boss is one of the biggest brands that makes top-quality wood pellets.

A Bad Hot Rod Igniter

Temperature problems usually caused by the ignitor or hot rod will occur after a few years of using a pellet grill. This problem will only occur if the igniter/hot rod of the pellet grill is bad or broken.

A damaged or broken igniter/hot rod will be unable to ignite the wood pellets, but the auger will continue to feed pellets into the firebox which may cause the auger to jam.

Maybe this is good news for some people as you have 4 4-year warranty. Therefore you can order parts that can be easily fitted at no extra cost. If you want to install it yourself it may take around 10-15 minutes. Rods usually have a life of three years, depending on how often they are used.

How To Fix Grilla Grills Silverbac Hot Rod Problems

  • Disconnect control board
  • Remove pellet hopper
  • Find the firepot inside the cooking box
  • Remove the broken hot rod and replace it with a new one
  • Re-fix all removed components
  • Start smoking.

The video below will help you with how to replace a bad igniter rod without much effort to fix the Grilla Grills Silverbac Problems.

A Dirty Temperature Sensor

This is important for maintaining the temperature in your Silverbac pellet grill. Like any pellet grill, the Silverbac has a temperature sensor or resistance temperature detector inside the grilling area, which needs to be monitored periodically.

Whenever you are going for the new smoking season it is important to take care that the temperature sensor or resistance temperature detector is not covered by any layer of smoke vapor, if this happens the pellet grill will give you the wrong temperature readings.

If you own the Grilla Grills Silverbac Pellet Grill, luckily, it has smart features. Still, all things are not working properly means you have to look at what is the issue with this.

How To Fix Sensor or RTD Problems

  • Remove the temperature sensor.
  • Clean the RTD sensor with a normal dishwasher with warm water.
  • Make sure the temperature sensor is thoroughly dried before fixing it. Reinstall the RTD sensor as before.
  • Test it to make sure it measures the correct temperature.
  • If the RTD temperature is not working properly, time to replace it.

Watch the video below which will help you to do it correctly & fix the Grilla Grills Silverbac Problems RTD

Ash Buildup

A common reason for a pellet grill not burning is excessive ash build-up. But really it is only to the extent of maintenance.

You may be surprised to know that the use of wood pellets does not produce much ash, yet you should take special care of cleaning your pellet grill. If it doesn’t, the fire will go out and your grill won’t heat up.

How To Fix GrillaGrills Problems

  • Clean the ashes after every cooking season.
  • Inspect the girl there is no ash build-up before cooking.
  • Make sure ash build-up is not a problem.

Sliverbac Fan Is Not Working

This problem arises only if you have used the pellet grill for a long time or it is not maintained properly. Grease or dirt build-up on the grill fan can affect its speed.

The only reason for this is that you did not clean your grill on time or did not take proper care of it. Fire needs oxygen to burn and airflow plays an important role. If the fan does not work, the fire will not burn.

How To Fix Grilla Grills Silverbac Problems

  • Disconnect all electrical connections to the pellet grill.
  • Remove all grease debris and clean the fan.
  • Spin the fan several times with your hands to remove the accumulated dirt and keep the fan running.
  • If the fan is broken or beyond repair, replace it immediately.

The video is put together to make fan replacement and cleaning easier for you.

Improperly Stored Wood Pellets

We told you in the beginning that pellets left in the hopper for a long time will get moisture. This does not mean that you throw away the remaining wood pellets. The main question here is how to use the remaining wood pellets.

However, wood pellets can’t always be sealed in an airtight jar because they need some air in as well. There are several brands out there that manufacture things to properly store your pellets.

Before choosing wood pellets, you need to see that the pellet has the least of these problems. Has the brand given you clear instructions about storing? Here you can read about the best wood for brisket.

By now you know the consequences if you use moist pellets, which increase the potential for damage to grill parts and the unit itself. What is the only option to get rid of these bad pellets? But the right use of waste pellets is only in your garden where compost is to be used for trees and plants.

How To Store Wood Pellets

The only solution here is to store the pellets in a dry place that is covered and does not touch the ground directly. The use of plastic bags is prohibited.

Highly recommend buying a Traeger pellet bin for storing the wood pellets.

How do you clean Silverbac Grilla?

The root cause of temperature fluctuation is related to cleaning the pellet grill, so we have given the below video for you to clean the Grilla Grills Silverbac pellet grill in the easiest and right way, which is very helpful.

Some Extra Grilla Grills Problems

Let us look at some other pellet grill issues along with the handling, WiFi connectivity, and safety issues.

Why Is My Grilla Grills Pellet Grill Getting Too Hot?

If the temperature of your grills gets high or suddenly gets low. There cannot be a single clear reason for this. There are many reasons for temperature fluctuations, which are given below.

  1. Fire pit ash-buildup
  2. Improper startup
  3. Wrong installation
  4. Low-quality wood pellets
  5. Weather


  • Dust and debris have accumulated in the fire pit which needs to be cleaned at the right time.
  • This can also happen if you don’t turn on the pellet grill according to the instructions.
  • Some parts are wrongly placed during installation, so you need to be out and refixed.
  • This is the biggest reason you are using low-quality wood pellets. Stop immediately buying low-quality wood pellets.
  • You need an insulated cover when smoking in a cold place.

Grilla Grills Controller Issues

The Grilla Grills controller issue is a major problem that makes you lose control of the grill. But this only happens because of a bug in your app or corrupted software.

It is not such a big problem that it cannot be solved.


  • All you have to do is delete the app on your smartphone and download the updated version, then create an account and connect to the pellet grill, and troubleshooting is done.

If the problem is not resolved even after resetting the app then you need to contact an expert.

Grilla Grills Flame Out

Need to know why your pellet grill flames out? There are two main causes of Grilla Grills’ pellet firepots and excess grease accumulating in the drip tray.

We have already told you about the importance of dry wood pellets. Using moist pellets will cause the auger to improperly feed the fire pot, increasing the flame-out situation of your pellet grill.

Take care that excess grease does not collect in the drip tray. This will increase the chances of flare.


  • Uses high quality and dry wood pellets
  • Change the liner on the drip tray frequently
  • Keep pellet hoppers and fire pots dry and clean

Grilla Grills Controller Display Wrong

Your pellet smoker grill controller is showing you the wrong temperature. It’s not quite right for your smoking season. In such a situation, you have to pay attention to its solution.


  • Make sure all connections are tight. If it is loose then tighten it.
  • Check the cleanliness of RTD if not clean.
  • Use another digital thermometer to check that your controller is correct. And if the difference between the two is it’s time to replace the controller.

Grilla Grills Temp Probe Not Working

The reason why the temperature probe may not work is that the meat probe is broken or not cleaned properly. In addition, the above described how to clean the sensor. If you need to buy here Best Meat Probe’s review article is for you.


  • Clean temporary probe
  • If not working after cleaning just replace the cheap temperature probe.

Grilla Grills Not Connecting to WIFI

If the Grilla Grills WiFi controller not working properly. We have already discussed the issue of the controller section. Please follow the instructions.

Final Verdict

I’m taking a deep breath as I reach the end of this guide. I hope you have learned an overview of some of the problems with Grilla Grills. This is a common reason pellet grills will not heat.

Here are some other grill problems highlighted by the Silverbac: flame out and chimney adjustments that some people are having trouble with.

The above issues are some that you should consider whenever you consider carefully repairing or maintaining your pellet grill.

Good luck fixing your Grilla Grills Silverbac pellet grill; I have once again tried to help you start smoking meat and hope things are going well.

If you do all but have a similar problem with your Grilla Grills Pellet Grill call “Grilla Grills Customer Service” at – (616)392-7410

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