😟Traeger Error Codes – HEr & LEr Error Easily Fix!

Traeger Error Codes – LERR and ERR Error Fix – when you smoke food and suddenly Traeger Pellet Grill shows an error code, what is your reaction, surely it will be very disturbing. At this point, it will startle you, but it’s becoming more and more annoying that you don’t expect.

This sudden error attack will certainly surprise you, but what’s even more worrying is what your guests will eat and you’ll be left wondering what you did wrong that caused it.

We have found some error codes in Traeger Pellet Grills. We are going to make you aware of all those errors so that you can easily solve this problem and start cooking once again.

The basic question you must ask is, what are the types of Traeger Grill error codes? If you are a Traeger owner, a variety of errors should be seen on the Traeger display panel.

The Traeger shows the LEr, HEr, ERR, ER1, and ER2 on the display panel. These are temperature errors all that occur due to certain reasons such as inefficient burning of pellets, due to firepot, and RTD probes.

So if your Traeger shows some errors or wants to know about them, then let us see what these error codes mean, and how to solve them with easy and simple steps.

Traeger HEr Error Code & Solution

Do you know what is Traeger HEr error? And you will get this error because of your fault, let’s know about it in detail! If you are getting issues from Traeger Timberline 1300 learn for a solution.

What is Traeger HEr Code?

What the Traeger HEr Code Means When the Traeger smart grills indicate high temperature on the unit it shows the HEr error code.

You only see the Traeger error code HEr, if the Traeger grill temperature is 550 degrees Fahrenheit and remains on the grill for more than 45 seconds.

Whenever this error is indicated, the Traeger Grill control mechanism automatically stops the auger motor so that pellets cannot be delivered further to the fire pot.

During this process, with an induction fan try to cool the grill until the grill temperature is below 450F, run the auger to clear the embers for about 2 minutes. Big Green Egg or Traeger which is best?

Here are some causes why Traeger HEr error codes pop up on the grill screen!

  • Grease buildup
  • The stack cap is not adjusted
  • The controller and probe are faulty
  • Poor shutdown procedure of Traeger after cooking at a high temperature

Traeger HEr Code Fix

Here are some best tips on how to fix HEr error on Traeger, which is super easy! If you are looking for the best Treager tabletop pellet smoker read reviews.

  • Often people start making mistakes when they start a Traeger Grill, so you should follow the startup guide based on your Traeger Grill model. In order to reduce the possibility of error.
  • At higher temperatures, you will see that the amount of grease is high, which can cause flare-ups and aggravate the heat situation. That’s why you should always clean the drip tray or replace the foil.
  • Avoid the Traeger grill shutdown settings if you’ve cooked over 300 or 350 Fahrenheit. First, you need to let the grill sit at 225 Fahrenheit for 10 minutes before switching the knob to the shutdown setting.
  • Sure, you should clean the auger and the firepot, it may be clogged with pellet ash or sawdust that needs to be cleaned properly.
  • Lift the Traeger Chimney Cap so that excess hot air can exit the grill. Keep the height of the chimney cap 2 to 3 inches to allow the hot air to drain properly.
  • Make sure the temperature probe is completely clean when you are using it as it may have accumulated smoke residue and pellet ash from previous cooking seasons. No need to disconnect the temperature probe during cleaning.
  • You can Fix the Traeger HEr error code by replacing the temperature probe and controller. We recommend that a new RTD test be performed first. If there is a problem as before, a new controller is found.

Check out the video for how to fix the HEr error on Traeger

Traeger Error Codes & Solutions

Traeger is one of the world’s top BBQ grill maker brands, It comes with innovation but still brings some problems. Let us know about the error and its solution without delay. Pit Boss Austin vs Traeger Pro 34 which is a winner?

What is LEr code on Taeger?

What does ler mean on a Traeger; The Traeger Pellet Grill displays a LEr error code on the screen when the firepot temperature is below 125 Fahrenheit degrees for more than 10 consecutive minutes.

Traeger Grill’s system automatically turns off the grill unit within a few minutes after the LEr Treager error code is displayed on the grill.

Below we’ve identified some causes of LEr Traeger errors that you should check out.

  1. Windy and Coldest weather
  2. Sawdust in firepot
  3. Faulty Induction fan
  4. Grill has run out of pellets
  5. Wood pellets contain moisture
  6. Manufacture of pellet voids in hoppers
  7. Lid staying open longer
  8. Temperature sensor breaks
  9. Firepot overflow with wood pellets
  10. Cooking in the “Smoke” setting
  11. Overloaded grill rack

Windy & Coldest Weather

Traeger Error Codes

If the temperature of the Traeger Grill has dropped below 50 °F, it is extremely difficult to maintain the temperature in the cooking area. To get the temperature back the auger will increase the combustion of the pellets but it is almost difficult to get the temperature back

In cold climates, there is often a transfer of temperature through the walls of the grill, which is not easy to maintain.

In our research, we have found that the LER error on treasure grills is due to strong windy weather. Since we have good experience in this field, better understand heat transfer principles.

This is a true convection heat transfer principle that depends on the speed of the wind. When the wind blows at a higher speed there will be more convective heat transfer which will lead to heat loss.

Sawdust in Firepot

Pellet sawdust, and ash, prevent optimal airflow into the firepot, but the auger does not prevent wood pellets from feeding sufficiently into the firepot leading to inefficient combustion to maintain temperature and, consequently, to the cooking area.

Due to the accumulation of ashes in the grill fire pot, it is not able to maintain the right temperature.

Faulty Induction Fan

The induction fan is an important factor in maintaining the temperature in a pellet grill that is responsible for circulating hot air in the cooking chamber and providing oxygen to the firepot to support the combustion of the pellets.

If the induction fan is not working properly, the Traeger grill can show the LEr error.

Check if the fan is not working properly then it should be replaced immediately.

Grill Has Run Out of Wood Pellets

Sometimes it happens that you are busy with friends or relatives while cooking and cannot pay attention to the position of the pellet in the hopper, when you monitor again you find that a pop-up LER error code shows.

This was because the hopper did not contain wood pellets and to maintain a constant temperature, the auger emptied the hopper whose function was to continuously send pellets to the firepot.

Therefore, to avoid these situations, you need to take into account how long you take to refill the pellet in the hopper.

Pellets Contain Moisture

This is also a big one when Traeger error code on grills. Often this is because when you have not stored the leftover wood pellets properly, then moisture gets in them. And you use poor-quality wood pellets or wet pellets.

As a result, the Traeger grill will notify you of a low temperature or LEr error on the pellet grill.

To avoid this kind of Traeger problem you should use high-quality wood pellets and make sure the pellets are completely dry.

Firepot Overflow with Wood Pellets

It sometimes happens that the fire pot in your Traeger grill smoker gets clogged with pellets which can happen for many different reasons, mainly due to the induction fan turning off or the fire going out.

If the fire pot is full of wood pellets, it will block the air intake and make it difficult for fire exposure. Learn more about Louisiana Grill vs Traeger which one is best?

Cooking On “Smoke” Setting

Smoke setting on the Traeger grill smoker can cause the temperature to drop below 120 °F and cause LEr errors on the control panel screen.

This is because only the smoke setting is responsible for turning the auger on/off at regular intervals. It is not able to maintain the temperature at all.

On the smoke setting, the temperature inside the cooking box fluctuates from 150°F to 180°F. However, a cold climate can cause the temperature inside the grill to drop below 120 degrees Fahrenheit, even in the smoke setting.

Overloaded Grill Rack

When you haven’t provided proper gaps between foods on the cooking rack, hot air won’t flow between meals and it becomes difficult to maintain proper heat in the cooking chamber.

For cooking, there should be a proper gap between two meat cuts so that hot air can cook it.

Meat constantly releases moisture that evaporates inside the cooking chamber, affecting the temperature of the grill.

Fix LEr Error Code on Traeger

Thank you reach here, we hope you have got the information about the cause of the Traeger LEr code error still, you will have a question in your mind “How do I fix the LEr error on Traeger Grill”.

Here we will give you some top tips and tricks so that you can easily fix Traeger LEr error codes to avoid such situations. Just follow the instructions.

Hey pitmaster, follows the tips & tricks to fix the LEr code on the Traeger grill.

  • The very first tip is “don’t use the wood pellets left in the pellet hopper from the previous cooking session at all”. Always insist on using fresh hardwood pellets. Use high-quality containers for storing pellets.
  • Keep in mind to always use high-quality wood pellets that are completely dry so they won’t break when transported to the fire pot. You can find many great brands of wood pellets on the market, including Traeger, Oklahoma Joes, and Pit Boss.
  • Clean the ash and sawdust from the firepot properly, try by hand otherwise use the best vacuum cleaner for smokers to remove the ash from the fire pot, hopper, and cooking area.
  • Check the RTD, which is on the left side of the Treasure Pellet grill, is clean and affixed i.e. it should not be tilted and should not touch the wall of the grill. You can fold a paper towel around a probe to prevent the unit from touching the wall.
  • Often people in cold and windy environments do not use an insulated blanket for their beloved grill smokers. This is a big mistake, you shouldn’t do it. Use the best-insulated blanket for cold weather smoking so that the outside temperature has less effect on maintaining the temperature.
  • When you turned on the Traeger Pellet Grill, did you notice the sound of the induction fan, and how it is emitting? If the sound is hoarse then there is a layer of dust on the fan and there is no sound then it means that the fan is bad, and if the induction fan is not working at all then it simply means replacing the induction fan now.
  • We’ve noticed that beginners often don’t use useful features like the P setting even in cold weather when they should. You should set the P setting from P-4 to P-3 or P-2 to repeatedly push wood pellets into the auger.
  • Opening the lid repeatedly or keeping the lid open for a long time is also one of the biggest mistakes beginners make. Do not do this otherwise, heat maintenance can be very difficult.
  • You have to make sure there is about an inch of clearance on all sides for proper airflow.
  • Make sure the Traeger has a proper startup process for igniting wood pellets. You should follow the relevant grill instructions provided by the manufacturer. The typical time for a grill to heat up is between 5-10 minutes.
  • You should keep stirring the wood pellets in the hopper after every 30 minutes to avoid tunneling or pellets vortexing.

Check out the video for how to solve the LEr error on the Traeger pellet smoker.

Traeger ERR/ER1 Code & Solution

Does your Traeger pellet smoker keep popping up ERR/ER1 error codes? Let us tell you what is the reason behind this error problem. read on…

What is Traeger ERR/ER1 Error Code?

When the Traeger Grill’s temperature probe fails to measure heat, an ERR or ER1 error appears on the display panel.

This happens only when the RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) completely fails to record the temperature of any range.

You may have noticed that the temperature probe has two wires going to the thermostat digital controller. The reason why the ERR error occurs on the Traeger Grill is that the connection between the RTD probe and the control panel is broken. And now the system stops recording the temperature.

Solution of Traeger ERR/ER1 Code

You have come to know about the Traeger ERR/ER1 error codes and now you learn how to fix them. Use the step-by-step guide!

  • Make sure the Traeger Grill is plugged out and switched off.
  • Remove the 2 screws which show on the temperature controller board.
  • Hold the controller carefully and gently pull the wire out.
  • Check if both wires are going from RTD to the controller.
  • If the wiring connection is loose, peel off the plastic cover, insert it back into the hole, and fix the wire back on.
  • Check ERR problem is resolved or not, if the problem remains then you need to replace the Traeger temperature probe.

Take a deeper look at the problem, if your Traeger shows ERR error then the RTD probe needs to be replaced. Same if the ER1 error appears when you have to tighten the connections of the RTD wires a bit as they may be loose.

Watch the video for how to fix the Traeger ERR error code.

Traeger ER2 Error Code & Solution

Have you solved all the above Traeger grills errors then why wait for the ER2 error code? Learn how it can be solved and what causes it will appear.

What Traeger ER2 Error Code

The Traeger system shows the ER2 error code when the RTD failed to check temperature operation. This happened due to the failure of the controller or not getting enough power from the RTD probe.

It is easy to understand that the power supply to the controller has been disconnected, due to which this has happened.

How to Fix Traeger ER2 Error Code

You must have some electrical skills before solving this and then try to solve the ER2 error but from a safety point of view, we recommended you call a Traeger specialist to fix this issue.

Follow the instructions

  • Power off and unplug the Traeger Grill
  • Wait around 10 minutes for it to cool down the grill.
  • Disconnect the RTD probe and check for defects in the wire.
  • Check the connection of the Traeger temperature probe wire to the green housing box of the controller.
  • If the ER2 code still appears after repair, then replace the probe and controller as well.
Traeger Error Codes

Final Verdicts – Traeger Error Codes

We hope you have got the information about how to fix Traeger error codes. We are glad that we helped you solve your problem. If you have read the Traeger HEr error code guide completely, then you can easily solve future problems.

We thank you for your valuable time on our article, if still, your Traeger Pellet grill smoker is showing an error. Without any hesitation shoot the question in the comment box.

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