New York Strip vs Ribeye; What’s The Main Difference?

New York Strip vs Ribeye; What’s The Main Difference? Your lack of knowledge can make it difficult when you want to buy the best steak, especially when you’re looking to choose.

But we are talking about New York Strip vs Ribeye, both are the same steak but there are many differences between them.

Ribeye and New York Strip are both expensive steaks, which are not easy to choose from, if you look at first glance, both appear to be the same.

More than 65% of Americans have a smoker or grill for outdoor grilling. It is increasing year by year but not everyone is an expert in choosing the pieces of the perfect meat cut.

It doesn’t matter where you get them, whether it’s an online market or a steakhouse, your knowledge will give you access to delicious cuts.

We’ll walk you through the key differences to help you buy both your favorite steak and discuss premium steaks for the best cooking results.

New York Strip vs Ribeye [Difference]

There are some differences between these two steaks, you must have found the above section of the article and know about some of the differences.

  • The ribeye is from the rib primal in the upper ribcage and the New York strip is cut from the short loin primal.
  • New York strips have a thick fat band that is trimmed off after cooking, and the ribeye is nicely marbled.
  • The ribeye comes in both versions boneless and with bones.
  • Ribeye is preferred between low heat and high heat to cook evenly, while New York strip steak gives the best results over direct heat at a high temperature.

Ribeye vs New York Strip Similarities

Despite the name and cooking method and many differences, they have some similarities, let’s know.

  • Both are derived from long, short muscles running from the animal’s spine to the hip.
  • Ribeye and New York strip are roughly the same sizes.
  • Ribeye and NY Strip that can be boiled and grilled


Which cut do you get the ribeye?

The question is, where do you get the ribeye? It is present near the steer with the upper rib cage close to the neck, usually in the region from 6 ribs to 12 ribs.

Ribeye steak is cut from the longissimus dorsi muscle, although with this you will see sections of the spine and some complex muscles that are considered part of the ribeye steak itself.

What other names is Ribeye known by?

Ribeye is also known in America by different names such as Beauty Steak, Cowboy Cut if served with bone, Delmonico Steak (named after some famous New York steakhouses), and Spencer Steak if bones are removed.

In New Zealand and Australia, ribeye is known as Scotch fillet.

The French know ribeye as entrecote, which means the middle of the rib.

Qualities of Ribeye

If you have cooked the ribeye properly, it will melt right in your mouth. Well, the rich and marbling flavor of the ribeye will overwhelm you.

The ribeye is a specialized pad of fat that separates the two types of tissue. There is a combination of both longissimus and spinal muscles that give you the perfect ribeye steak.

Where to Buy?

Ribeye steak is easily available at your nearest butcher shop or any supermarket from where you can get good quality ribeye.

You will need to look for a good-grade ribeye steak. Keep in mind that it should be at least an inch thick, the rest depends on your preference.

If you’re looking for a really great ribeye steak we highly recommend Omaha Steaks. They served from 1917 and provided high-quality meat stores in the USA.

Best Way to Cooking Ribeye

Although you’ll need to find the best way to make ribeye, I’ll give you two ways to get a flavorful ribeye steak.

Two Zone Heat Grilling

The best way to grill ribeye is to grill it over a two-zone heat. If you are using a gas grill, set one burner to high and the other burner to medium temperature.

Or if you’re using a charcoal grill, set the coals over high heat on one side and medium heat on the other.

You need to remember that when grilling ribeye steak you will need the best meat thermometer which will help you to check that your ribeye is cooked properly.

Your ribeye has a high-fat content which makes it more likely to flare up so you need to keep an eye on the ribeye steak and tongs.

For a good steak, you’ll need to use high heat to brown the ribeye steak on the outside, and medium heat is best to cook it deep inside.

Reverse Sear

Another method of cooking your ribeye is what we call a reverse sear, which requires you to preheat your grill or oven to 275°F.

However, the reverse sear can be completely wrong as you may have trouble keeping the juices in the meat or you will have to look for juice lock-in which is a difficult task.

When cooking ribeye in the oven, you need to monitor its temperature using the best thermometer, and when the ribeye is between 90-95°F, use the knob of the butter or the grill and the hottest side.

In short, let everyone do you a favor. Excellent medium-rare.

New York Strip

Which cut do you get on the New York strip?

We call the New York strip cut on the back of the cow longissimus dorsi. From where the New York strip is cut, we call it the short loin primal and it is found at the lower level of the spinal cord.

The New York Strip steak has a side apart from the T-Bone.

What other names is the New York Strip known by?

The New York Strip is known by many other names, some of the more popular names include country club steak, ambassador steak, shell steak served with bones, Kansas City steak, hotel cut steak, and top loin steak.

In countries such as New Zealand and Australia, the New York Strip is known as a porterhouse or sirloin and is sold under the same name.

Qualities of New York Strip

The New York strip also comes from the same unused muscle group as the ribeye steak and provides a rich and tender flavor with chewy characteristics, but it has a thick pad of fat on one side.

It tends to be thicker than ribeye steak, you’ll get a New York strip that can be an inch or thicker. Because it has less amount of marbling than ribeye, the thickness of the New York strip keeps it from drying out while it cooks, giving you tender meat.

You can marble a New York Strip beautifully, but it doesn’t have the same fat content levels as the ribeye.

Where to Buy?

As mentioned in the New York Strip the amount of marbling is low, if you want to buy a high-quality New York Strip, you will have to spend more.

You need to find a good cut that has a relatively uniform width from top to bottom. If you have found a wavy shape or an end that is narrower than the end of the sirloin, then know that you are not going to get a good taste of it.

You can get a high-quality New York strip steak from the Omaha Steaks Store.

Best Way to Cooking New York Strip

Just as you were told two ways to grill ribeye, we recommend you grill a New York strip two ways. See details below.

Hot & Fast Grilling

If we compare the grills of Ribeye and the New York Strip, New York Strip gives better results as it has less amount of marbling which reduces the chances of flare. 

The tenderness of the New York strip is best utilized when you cook it over a hot and high flame.

For grilling on high heat, you must first preheat your grill to about 900°F, then place the New York strip directly on the grilling plate and rotate it for 30-45 seconds to equalize its internal temperature.

Don’t forget to use a thermometer. Move it to the right or left as you wish. Now set your temperature to the type of steak you want.

Pan Fry Grill

If you do not want to use a grill, you can also grill the New York strip with the help of a frying pan. First, heat your fry pan to about 5°F and now put the steak in it. Don’t forget to use a thermometer.

If you reach the set temperature, remove the steak from the heat so that the steak does not overcook, as it will continue to rise in temperature even after removing it from the heat.

Now give the meat time to rest on the ventilated rack for about a minute or two.

Then after collecting all the juices from the pan, reheat what is still hot in the frying pan and pour all the juices well over it before serving your steak.

Which is the right steak for you?

Although people have their own questions that pique people’s curiosity as to which one would be the best, both are taken from the same place and both have some similarities and some dissimilarities yet there is a difference in the taste of both.

But to say which one is best for you depends on your taste and preference. However, both of them taste great.

Ribeye gives you a juicier, stronger flavor and more natural flavor that gives it that meaty natural flavor while the New York Strip appears more savory.

Final Verdicts

It’s hard to say which one is the best between the new york strip vs ribeye as both are great and have similar tastes but certainly not interchangeable steaks.

The good thing about both is that there is nothing wrong with both the beef steak cuts are incredibly tasty and give you a pleasant experience.

If you are looking for a tender bite go with ribeye and on the other hand, look for less tender cuts of meat that bring out the great flavor that you can go with NY strips.

Restless to hear which grilling choice you have in New York Strip Vs Ribeye, put your opinion in the comment box. Which one is best Prime Rib or Tomahawk

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