🤩 Pit Boss Austin XL vs Traeger Pro 34 – Comparison Guide

You are reading this review article about Pit Boss Austin XL vs Traeger Pro 34 which means you are confused between the two products. I hope you find the best smoker after comparing Traeger vs Pit Boss Austin XL.

You have already made the decision to choose one of them, but what features do you want in your pellet smoker? I think you don’t have all the information, am I right?

Both brands are market leaders, but Traeger has a higher market share than Pit Boss. Both have a lineup of smokers with great design and excellent performance. The problem is that not everyone wants to do evil to their favorite smoker, which makes it difficult to compress.

Comparing the two has been a difficult experience in this buying guide. It has taken several days of time and research to write this custom. Both will be thoroughly analyzed so that you will be able to select the best smoker.

Pit Boss Austin XL vs Traeger Pro 34 – Head To Head

It is very difficult to tell the grill better, which I want to avoid, but you cannot avoid it if you compare between two products. Suppose the cost of one smoker is $ 500 and that of another is $ 1000. So would it really be better to say $1000 smoker good? Most of the top brands constantly upgrade their smokers and grills and most of the reviewers agree with me. This revision makes you aware of Pit Boss xl vs Traeger.

Most reviewers and grillers agree with me about the Traeger is a great choice and they make affordable and durable smokers and grills.

Pit Boss comes with a 1-year limited warranty but Traeger offers a 3-year limited warranty.

Now that you know a little about both, you have the option to buy one and now we are comparing the features of each of the specific grills below, which will make you understand even better.

Traeger Pro 34 vs Pit Boss Austin XL

The Pit Boss tells this smoker about the best price per square inch. Is that really so? Let’s know. This smoker is made of heavy-duty steel and cooking grates made of porcelain-coated and pit boss Austin xl has 930 square inches included with warming racks.

The Austin XL features a lid and a high-temp copper finish on a removable, stainless-steel side shelf that offers plenty of space for cooking prep. Hopper has a 31-pound capacity.

The Pit-Boss Austin xl has a Digital control board with an LED screen to read internal heat on meat using the meat probe and a built-in thermometer offered to monitor the temperature range between 150 – 500F.

The standard slide-plate flame broiler offers you to cook direct or indirect flame grilling. And 4-rolling casters wheels that offer great portability, and easy cleaning with a grease bucket. Read here a full review of Pit-Boss Austin xl 1000

Designed for the best performance by the Traeger Pro 34, the Pro-34 offers powerful steel and durable powder-coated finishes, stainless steel cooking grates with porcelain, and wood to achieve the ultimate taste Original wood-pellet grill done.

The Traeger Pro-34 has a high gauge stainless steel lid to hold heat inside the cook box. there is no side table. The smoker has 884 square inches including a warming rack and the hopper has an 18-pound capacity.

The Traeger Pro-34 Smoker features Digital Pro Controller Advanced Grilling Logic, which means temperature control to guarantee precise grilling, dual meat probes to check internal meat temperature, and heat range between 180 ° F – 450 ° F.

This smoker allows you to cook slower and with low heat, Traeger specializes in making your BBQ easy and repetitive. All-terrain wheels that provide easy maneuverability. The smoker is 6-in-1 versatile, easy to control, has excellent consistency, easy to clean with a grease tray, and collects grease in a bucket.

Quick Comparison – Pit Boss Austin XL vs Traeger Pro 34

For your convenience, I will see many features comparing both Pit Boss Austin XL vs Treasure Pro 34.

DescriptionPit Boss Austin XLTreasure Pro 34
Dimensions26.60 x 63.00 x 50.30 inches27 x 53 x 49 inches
Cooking surface area (sq in)Total 930 square inchesTotal 884 square inches
Temperature range150°F – 500°F180°F – 450°F
Ignition systemYesYes
Hopper capacity31-Pound18-Pound
ControlV3 Digital Control BoardDigital Pro Controller with AGL
Meat probesDual ProbeDual Probe
Direct flameYesYes
Pellet purge systemYesYes
StorageSide foldable shelvesNo
CleaningRemovable grease tray attached with a bucketRemovable grease tray attached with a bucket
PriceCheck the latest priceCheck the latest price

How To Choose The Best Smoker For Yourself?

It will not be easy to choose one from Pit Boss Austin XL vs Traeger Pro 34 but we have fixed some criteria for your convenience so that you can choose a better option for yourself.


When you are looking for a good smoker, you must set a budget for it. The price of a great smoker ranges from about $400 to $1000, in which you will get some great features. Which should be within your budget.

Cooking area

I do not want you to have any problems in the future, so this is very noticeable because you are not going to buy a smoker every month. Before buying a smoker, you have to think about how many people you are going to cook for in the future. The smoker has a cooking area of around 500-1000 square inches which is enough for a house party with your relatives and friends.

Construction Material

By the way, the smoker and grill are made of cast iron, metal, and stainless steel. But you should choose a smoker made of the best-manufactured material. It would be better if your smoker is stainless steel. Stainless steel works better in any harsh weather and prevents corrosion as well as being built to last longer.

Temperature Range

Its temperature is very special for a good smoker who reveals the real taste of food. Temperatures between 160°F – 500°F are great for slow and low cooking. I hope you know the taste of slow cooking.

Hopper Size

The hopper capacity gives you the convenience that you do not have the trouble to get up again and again to fill fuel. A good smoker is one that gives your user a hopper with at least 15 pounds of pellet capacity so that the food can be made non-stop throughout the night.

Features (e.g. WiFi connectivity)

If your smoker has WiFi connectivity, how much better can smoking and grilling be? Only from your smartphone, you can control your smoke. You can monitor temperature, and control heat and smoke, and you will get all the notifications.

About Brand History

Pit Boss

Pit Boss was founded in 1999 by Dan Thiessen and his two sons, Jeff and Jordan, and is a subsidiary of Dynason. They are known for durability and craftsmanship. The Pit Bose lineup of smokers can be a bit confusing. Many of their grills are similar but come in slightly different configurations.


Traeger’s Grill was founded in 1987 by Joe Traeger‘s small family company outside of Oregon. Traeger smokers created an original concept after experimenting with wood-burning stoves. But the company started in 1987 and the first smoker was sold in 1988. He focused his monopoly on tablet grills in the market after 20 years.


Is Pit Boss better than Traeger?

Yes, in terms of value, pit owners generally provide better value for money. Traeger is the best in taking construction materials, performance, durability, and mobility.

What Smoker is better than Traeger?

If you’re asking me what brand is better than Traeger, here is the answer without hesitation Rec-Tec.

Is Pit Boss a good smoker?

Yes, Good, This is very good for smokers who are buying a good smoker. With a feature like Traeger that is not even stuffed in your pocket. Pit Boss has the ability to smoke between 150 ° F – 450 ° F of smoking, which is sufficient to cook low and slow food.

Final Verdict

Who is the winner in Pit Boss Austin XL vs Traeger Pro 34? This question must be running in your mind. Although there are many similarities between the two, there are also some differences.

If you compare the price, the Pit Boss is quite affordable and comes with a large cooking area. Hopper capacity is 31 pounds, which is more than treasures and shelves for holding extra items and preparing food.

The Traeger Pro 34 Pellet Grill best in performance, temperature control, and durability as you create a new dimension in the field of smoking. Hard-core Pit Boss fans will be offended but the verified customer experience of Pit Boss Austin XL is pretty bad.

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