Rec Tec 590 Grill Review For Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are crazy about a high-quality pellet grill here we present Rec Tec 590 Reviews. I know you want to know more about this great pellet grill’s features, construction materials, performance, and more.

The Rec Tec pellet smoker surpasses all the brand grills in its range as compared to other brands. The Rec-Tec 590 offers great taste, convenience, and versatility. It is made of high-quality materials and components.

The Rec-Tec 590 differs from other brands in terms of warranty, temperature control, and customer service. It is very rare that you have received the best pellet grill for the amount paid. But Rec Tec RT 590 allows you to use your money properly.

This medium size grill gives you excellent taste without any trouble and it offers great-tasting meat in a comparison with charcoal and gas grills. The 590 pellet grill offers you can smoke, grill, bake, roast, and sear with just one push button. It will cook your meat, barbecue, and smoke within time.

The Rectec RT 590 is designed to improve heat distribution and smoke. Rec Tech stampede delivered a primary firepot getaway with a flash ceramic ignition system and PID controller that maintains accurate and consistent temperatures.

It is the best pellet smoker with high-quality performance and is ideal for family and friends with few guests. The RT 590 grill is reliable to use with a compact size and a great look from year to year.

The RT 590 has a simple and excellent feature that you may like to start your grilling enthusiasm. This Rec Tec grill review will take 5 minutes to read. I try to dispel your doubts about the RT 590 in this review article. And if want to read about RT 700 reviews

Rec Tec 590 Review

Enjoy the rec tec grill reviews of high-quality constructed pellet grills…

Constructed Material

I will give you complete information about the RT 590 for all those aspects one by one but now let us start with the construction material. The Rec Tec pellet 590 features a medium-sized pellet grill and is designed for excellent cooking results. RT 590 rec tec needs basic assembling that takes 30 minutes if read the manual. If you Kamado smoker lover then you need to read this review article.

Examining building materials means that you will find that the smoker suffers the most damage from the use of rust and rusting materials, but the REC TEC RT 590 protects you from rust, and the companion is made of sturdy stainless steel. It is built for a long time and supports you for a long time.

If we compare the use of construction materials, Rac Tec 590 vs 700 vs 340, all have the same type of materials.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Construction Features

  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel that will not rust, corrode or fail.
  • It has a unique octagonal-shaped headroom
  • A High-temperature RTV caulk that keeps moisture out of the grilling chamber
  • There is no pinching test wire in the lid of RT 590, it already has a probe porthole
  • Rubber grommets at all wire ports prevent the wire from chafing.
  • For easy access to components, use a vent access panel here
  • RT 590 Rec Tec built modular that allows individual part replacement.


  • Superior Heavy Duty Manufactured Materials
  • Rectec 590 integrated temperature vent system
  • Made of modular construction
  • Unique octagonal shape designed.
  • High-Temperature RTV caulk
  • PID controller system with WiFi connectivity
  • Wire port covered with rubber grommets
  • Reliable and versatile cooking experience
  • Add charcoal flavor to your meat.


  • Missing hopper purge function little
  • bit of heavy and difficult to move

Cooking Surface

The main cooking surface on this Rec tec pellet 590 has a total cooking area of ​​592 square inches and 304 square inches which is excellent for a medium-sized family. You can cook 4 racks of ribs or medium-sized turkey or full-size chicken. May this article will help you with Traeger Pro-34 and Pit Boss Austin XL.

There is an option to enhance your cooking surface by purchasing an optional rack that can raise an additional 350 square inches. It has a lesser cooking area as compared to the Rec Tec 700 and if we talk about the Rac Tec 340, the Rac Tec 590 is a good choice for a medium family.

rec tec 590

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Specification of RT 590 stampede

Description Features
Total Cooking
Cooking Greats
WiFi ControlYes
Smoke Vent Holes3
Temperature200ºF to 500ºF
Hopper Capacity30 Pounds
Automatic ShutdownYes
Meat Probes2
Power SourceWood Pellet
Weight160 Pounds

Hopper Capacity

The rec tec stampede 590 is a very good hopper size with the ability to hold a 30-pound fuel wood pellet, which means you can cook your meat for 30 consecutive hours, filling it only once. If you want to try Pit-Boss pellet smoker then here you go.

The Rectec RT 590 Grill offers you to smoke meat for the best-tasting meat with the best cooks in a short time. If you cook your meat slowly and at low heat after cooking the meat, you will get an excellent taste of taste.

The 30-pound hopper size allows you less effort into refueling only once for the long process of cooking.

Temperature Controlling

rec tec 590

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I already told in my article about Rec-Tec RT 700 as the best controlling system provided by Rec-Tec. The Rectec 590 carries PID Smart controller Technology™.

Most people do not know how PID works. PID created an algorithm that uses pellet fuel and temperature rates to determine how many pellets the smoker actually needs to retain the heat discussed earlier in my article. The system automatically reduces the consumption of wood pellets when the smoker reaches the desired temperature.

The PID controller system works in the same way as used in bakeries and breweries which always provides the same flavor and smiler results.

  • Smart Grill Technology ™ Controller uses a proprietary PID algorithm to maintain temperature
  • Automatic shutdown feature that entered cool-down mode with the push of a button
  • Dual Meat Probe (Probe A, Probe B) Monitor 2 Cook Simultaneously
  • Excessive smoke operates below 200ºF and thus achieves the maximum smoke output
  • An automatic Lighting Facility means no unsafe fire starter or messy charcoal

Heating Capacity

The rec tec stampede 590 grills are designed to work in all climates. But you can adjust the temperature to within +/- 5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a super accurate provider which means super consistent results at all times when needed.

The question comes here how hot can a Rec Tec RT-590 get? The PID controller goes smoothly from 200° F to 500° F in just minutes. This rec tec rt 590 is slightly smoked which should be 150° F but most of them don’t need this.

You have a features LO setting for low-temperature cooking and below 200° F to maximize smoke production. If you are searing your meat do maximize the temperature up to 500° F.

  • 200ºF to 500ºF in 5º increments that you can bake, hear, smoke, grill, roast, broil, and even dehydrate
  • LO Settings | Excessive smoke operates below 200ºF and thus achieves the maximum smoke output
  • Full setting | You 500ºF. Allows to get the above temperature

WiFi Enabled

This rec tec stampede RT 590 has premium features wifi which can provide you easy control of your RT590 with your smartphone. Just install the app and connect to your home wifi. Know that start monitoring the cooking process by phone.

Now you have the power to control your food even by sitting between your loved ones. You just set its desired temperature and wait until the food is ready to be eaten.

Two meat probes give you precise information about the internal temperature as well as the actual condition of the meat. When everything is ready to be eaten, it automatically gets shot down and you will also get a notification.


When I’m talking about portability the rec tec rt 590 has four sturdy wheels and two lockable wheels that give you easy portability but the rec tec grille is slightly heavier. But this bull is ready to burn your neighbors.

The Rec-Tec RT 590 dimensions chart is available below so that you can see them and bring home a great pitmaster partner.

rec tec 590
rec tec 590

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Extra Features

The RT 590 does not want to turn off the features. The REC TEC RT 590 grill has dual meat probes to monitor the internal temperature of the meat, a huge hopper with a lid made of stainless steel, tool hooks, and internal lighting.

You’ll only get a bundle of some extra accessories from amazon. This rec tec rt 590 includes 200 pounds of wood fuel pellets, RT-590 grill cover, and two non-stick pottery. If everything is ready then what is the delay?

How Easy To Clean Rec Tec 590

If you are thinking that cleaning with this RT 590 is difficult then you are wrong. When you start cleaning, keep in mind two things.

First, the rec tec grill features an automatic self-cleaning feature and a shutdown mode that allows you to clean the firepot after 2-3 cooking. Second, this grill does not have a pellet hopper purge door.

Rectec Grill told users that they can leave the pill inside the smoker for 6 weeks, but timely cleaning is advised. Using only a scoop which is the easiest way to clean. And a 5-gallon bucket is attached to this rec tec smoker to collect the waste.

The rec tec grill has an additional drip tray that is made of stainless steel and is easy to wipe off great. You need to clean this rec tec smoker 590 ash used pellets every 80-100 pounds inside the grill.


The rec tec rt 590 comes with a 4-year limited warranty which is an excellent indication for the market-leading brand. Some other excellent brands offer similar warranties, but Rectec covers everything and has great customer support.

Rec tec grills are the top-rated brand in the online market as well as offline market. If you encounter a problem in the future, they help and solve it, they care about you.

This model is so good that you can only guess from this that 91% of verified users give 5 stars and 4 stars from 9% of verified customers. No complaints and no 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star ratings are given.

Optional Features

There is an rec tec rt 590 bundle that does not include everything. Here are great add-ons and accessories that you can get when you need them.

rec tec 590
  • Large internal shelves for additional cooking area
  • Insulated Cold Weather Cover
  • Regular cover or cover for the grill with a smokebox
  • Flat top griddle
  • Compete for cars for mobility and increased work height

What says verified users about Rec-Tec RT 590


I don’t normally write reviews, and I am not a friend or owner of the company. I do however like to meticulously research my purchases and looked at all the brands and every feature offered by every pellet grill maker in the US.

I even spoke to the sales reps at 4 of the majors and got additional insight on each grill. based on research and reviews, the Rec Tec seemed like the best bang-for-the-buck and I pulled the trigger. I am happy to report that everything I read about this company was on the mark.

Beautifully shipped, excellent construction, and great cooking results — I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Things I’d like to see in future offerings: pellet clear out, ash pot clean out, and made in the USA. But that being said, buy no other — this thing is built like a tank and will outlast and outperform some of those that offer those features at a low cost. Rec Tec is the way to go. The next two comparable grills cost 2 and 3 times as much.

Kirk Peterson

As a former owner of an older Traeger, as well as one of their newest pro models, the RecTec is in a league of its own. From its heavier construction, superior electronics (gets to higher temps and holds all temps rock solid), and fantastic customer support, it is a great product. Lots of options for calibrating not only the included meat probes but also the main chamber as well. You can also adjust the pellet feed rate so that you can achieve low temperatures in the height of summer. Excellent WiFi controller and app

Jeremy Blume

This smoker is awesome! I have smoked a lot of meat so far no issues. connection to WiFi and use of the app is easy there is plenty of room the one pic was a 14lbs and a 10lbs pork but with room to spear. I love this smoker and would recommend hands down

Frequently Asked Questions​

Is Rec Tec 590 a good smoker?

There is no doubt that rec tec 590 is a great smoker. It actually holds excellent heat and has very few flare-ups.

Easy and straightforward assembling. I don’t think the rec tec app is as widespread as Traeger, but it’s still incredibly easy and convenient.

Is the Rec Tec 590 big enough?

This RE-REC RT 590 is a high-end model, it is sufficient for the average family size with a cooking area of ​​592 square inches. There is plenty of room left for guests and close friends.

This is an excellent octagonal design that will leave no stone unturned to attract your guests. Rectec RT 590 is enough to fit the needs of any grilling enthusiast.

What’s better Rec Tec or Traeger?

Most people are confused between Rec-Tec and Traeger. It should only be up to you what you get when you spend money. The bottom line is that Rec-Tec and Traeger have almost the same price range for pellet smokers.

But in my advice, go with race-tech, you are going to get better features and performance. Or simply say Rec-Tec specs give a little better value for money

Final Verdict

So far I believe you have a clear idea about rec tec rt 590. This rt 590 review helped you. This is the best grill for you with excellent features and performance, and it is the top-rated smoker in the market nowadays.

If you really want to smoke well for a long time then the Rectec 590 (View on Amazon) is a great option for you. This grill is excellent value for money with the high quality and insulation that you can get.

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