10 Best Flat Top Grill [#Reviews and Buying Guide]

Do you want to enjoy cooking with an outdoor flattop grill? The flat surface of any grill is a great way to cook and entertain. Flat top griddles and grills are both a better cooking option as well as entertaining.

What type of flat top grill is best? It is different from the traditional grill where the lid does not create any barrier for the guests.

The Best flat top grill 2021 sends heat evenly across the entire cooking surface with versatility. With which you can make delicious dishes and for family and Friends can cook pancakes, eggs, fish fry, chicken fry or any vegetable.

We believe griddle is better than grills. What do you think?

How to Choose Best Flat Top Grill in 2021

To choose the best flat top grill category, we have to look at some features such as the size of the grill, portability, stability, power switch, warranty, and overall power.

We discuss with experts and also check the rank given by verified customers. I hope the grill we choose will be with you throughout our life.

Before buying a flat top gas grill, check some things which are mentioned below.

  1. Size
  2. Price
  3. Material
  4. Portability
  5. Features
  6. Warranty

Top 10 Best Flat Top Grills Reviews

So now let’s start our best flat top grill most of the units are portable flat top grills that you can use anywhere.

1. Blackstone 1554 36 inch – Best Flat Top Grill for Camping

The Blackstone 1554 Station-4-burner flat-top grill has been ranked first because it is the best flat-top grill that continues to satisfy older customers with its performance.

The grill will transform your meal into restaurant-grade style food without much effort. And is one of the versatile grills to be budget-friendly as well.

According to me, a product that gives satisfaction to its customers is worth the first number, even if its price is slightly higher. But the grill can handle your party perfectly.

Blackstone Station’s grade-professional grill is made of 7mm gauge carbon rolled steel that can evenly distribute heat to the cooking area. And griddle is easily removed for dish wash and cleaning.

This Best flat top grill for camping cooking griddle has 720 square inches that are enough for the best option for occasions, events, parties, and home gusts.

All grille structure frame constructed with a solid steel frame with black powder-coated paint gives a good look and strength.

The Blackstone 1554 station grill comes with 4 burners manufactured by heavy-duty stainless steel tubes that produce 60,000 BTU of power hourly and provide long life and corrosion resistance.

The four burners give you complete control over the temperature and use the temperature according to the requirements of the food, so that you have a versatile cooking option, and the taste of the food is juicy and natural.

Forget the hassle of matches grill has a feature to start with a push-button called an electrical ignition system powered by a battery. To start your cooking in a smooth way.

There are 2 cantilevered shelves and a bottom that gives you more room for cooking preparation and hanging tools, and spices that can be under your reach.

At the bottom of the left side is a gas tank space with the tank tied up so the grill gives you stability and portability. I hope you get the answer to why are Blackstone griddles so popular.

The Grade-Professional 36 grill comes with four caster wheels with industrial strength, allowing you to reach your chosen location, and two lockable ones that give you stability, portability, and mobility.

The Blackstone comes with 90 days limited warranty and 85% of verified customers give 5 stars and 8% give 4 stars.

Overall, everything you need to have a great flat top gas grill is present. An excellent option for those who are looking for a flat grill and its verified customer satisfaction indicates the unit is tremendous. Go grab it now …….

2. Blackstone 28-inch – Outdoor Flat Top Grill Griddle Station

best flat top grill

Blackstone Grill is a well-known grill manufacturing company, the Blackstone Grill 28-inch is also on our list, but we ranked it second in terms of its features and performance.

Today is the weekend, and from morning breakfast to dinner, the day is the best option to use it properly as a Blackstone grilled station. Everything from meat, chicken, potatoes, and cheese to vegetables allows for cooking in a restaurant style.

Immediately replace your old grill with this Blackstone flat top grill and enjoy the juicy and natural taste of your meat.

The Blackstone flat top grill frame is built with steel and finished with black powder-coated which is protected from harsh weather and corrosion-resistant.

This flat top for outdoor grill has a total cooking surface of 470 square inches and is a griddle made of heavy-duty steel that is a heat retainer and distributes heat evenly all over the cooking area. Grill for best home option, events, camping, and outdoor cooking.

The Blackstone 28-inch best flat top grill has 2 burners built by heavy-duty stainless steel tubes that produce 30,000 BTU power hourly and give corrosion resistance and long life.

The 2-adjustable heat zone allows you excellent control over temperature and gives you versatile cooking, heat control system allows you to slow cooking and high-temperature cooking as meals require.

The Blackstone 28-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Station features an electric ignition system that allows you to quickly start push-button power with the battery.

The grill has left-hand side shelves and bottom shelves that give you more space that you can use to serve food or tools that you have access to.

For them, there is a space for a gas tank that holds the clamp folded to provide stability and portability.

The grille 28-inch grilled station comes with two caster wheels that allow you to move the grill wherever you want. And there are two legs that are right in front of the wheels which give stability and portability to the grille.

The Blackstone flat top grill comes with a limited warranty of days and 85% of verified customers give these grills 5 stars and 8% of customers 4 stars.

Overall, the Blackstone flat top grill 28 inches is the best option, for those who really want to enjoy a party with friends or family. Its features are almost complete which fulfill the requirement of a grill. Should be the best option if you want to cook true outdoor grilling.

3. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600

best flat top grill

Camp Chef was founded in 1990 by Ty Measom, who himself was fond of outdoor cooking but was not satisfied with the equipment available in the market.

So he developed a design for outdoor cooking burners which became very much liked by people, after which the camp chef did not look back. The Grill-600 is best for outdoor cooking, tailgaters, home parties, and cooking fun with family and the design is simple and durable.

The grill design is for the best cooking satisfaction and gives you more variety of cooking food with natural flavor.

Camp Chef’s grill equipment is made for practical, high quality, and high performance that does not match many other high brands grill manufacturers.

Camp Chef flat top Grill 600 frame structure built with heavy-duty steel and finished with black powder-coated that protects from harsh weather and is rustproof.

The grille has an excellent feature which is the interchange cooking surface. You can switch the grill between traditional grill grates and grilling cooking depending on your present needs. Learn more about the Camp Chef vs Blackstone flat top grill.

The grill comes with a cooking griddle surface of 604 square inches and the grilling space is 501 square inches which are best for 8-10 guests or a family party the griddle flat top has a heat retainer to cook food naturally.

The girl has 4 high-grade stainless steel burners that produce 48,000 BTU of power hourly. Which gives you excellent control overheat by using the twisted knob and stainless steel burners tube corrosion resistant and long life.

The best flat top grill comes with a matchless ignition system which allows you to start with a push-button power by battery.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill – 600 comes with foldable both-side shelves that give you enough space to serve food and hold cooking equipment, spices, and cooking preparation. Two bottom sides of the rack give extra storage.

The grease management system allows you to collect dripping grease inside the ashtray, remove and easy to clean then fix it again. The grill comes with a propane gas tank holder that gives stability.

The grille comes with 2 roller wheels that are easy to carry where you want. And two stands are given in front of the wheel which provides stability and portability.

The grill comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Camp Chef’s flat top grill comes with a no-hustle warranty. The grill shall be free from defects in all materials and workmanship. And 85% of verified customers give these grills 5 stars and 9% of customers 4 stars. Here is a review article about Camp Chef 600 Griddle.

Overall, those who are looking for a party flat top grill. The Camp Chef flat top grill 600 is the best option for them. Its features will give you a great cooking experience. Compared to the features, its price is right. Do not wait just grab it……

4. MaxKare – 2 in 1 propane grill Griddle Flat Top Grill

best flat top grill

MaxKare is committed to providing good grilling for its customers which makes cooking more comfortable. MaxKare Propane Grill is suitable for indoor-outdoor grilling food.

The grill is an excellent solution for barbecue cooking, family friends’ parties, and camping in the backyard. Enjoy the delicious and natural flavored foods like never before.

MaxKare propane gas grill body structure is made of heavy-duty steel that gives stability and robustness to the grill and the body is finished with black coated paint making it clean, rust-proof, easy to clean and provide durability.

The grill griddle has come with a total of 190 square inches which is enough for a medium family or 6-8 persons, a grill suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are ready to arrange good food for your family.

Maxkare’s best flat top grill has 2 stainless steel burners with high-grade steel to support fast and reliable heat on the cooking surface. The I-shaped fuse is capable of spreading heat evenly.

The powerful burner produces 19,000 BTU of power every hour. The grill gives you excellent control of overheating using an adjustable knob, giving you a variety of cooking options.

The Grill is designed for easy use and assembling. The piezo ignition system allows you a quick start, just press the push button to activate the grill flame.

The MaxKare flat top gas grill has both side foldable shelves and a shelf at the bottom which gives you plenty of space for cooking and serving food. When the side table is of no use, fold it down to give storage space.

Gas grill burners protect from leakage and promote heat evenly. It is very easy to assemble. Oil collection box and collect excessive oil to keep the cooking area clean. Both the grill pan and grill net are chrome polished to protect against scorching or rust, making the grill simple to clean.

Two roller wheels allow you to move the grill to your location and both stands give more stability and durability.

The product provided a return policy within 30 days of purchase. Also, the grill allows replacement, if any defects, by the manufacturer. 57% of verified customers give 5 stars to this product.

Overall, for those who have a small family and are good at exploring grills, this may be the best option. The grill features are great as per the price.

5. Blackstone 22 Inch – Tabletop Portable Gas Griddle

best flat top grill

Blackstone has been proving to be excellent in the best flat top grill; this Blackstone 22” third grill in this whole article. Its feature is excellent, is equipped with the facility that customers like.

Easy to clean, easy to carry, easy to assemble, and many more functions can be used easily. The Blackstone grill griddle is designed for tabletop use but is more satisfying in appearance.

The griddle body is made of heavy-duty steel that gives strength and stability. The metal is rust-proof and long life.

The Blackstone flat top grill is a 339 square inch total cooking surface made of heavy-duty steel and gives uniform heat to the cooking area. Due to this the natural taste of food remains.

The flat-top gas grill has two independent controllers. H-burners allow you a versatile cooking area and you can cook different food at once and there is no burning. When you are cooking other foods, and then gives you the option to keep the certified food warm.

Both burners produce 24,000 power BTUs each hour and heat control with a twisted knob.

The grill comes with a built-in grease channel that catches the pan, collects the grease from your food, and allows easy cleaning at the end of the task completed.

There is no need to do the loss of taste due to the flare from the juice leak, which allows the food to cook without burning and keeps the meat tender.

The Blackstone is a super convenient portable grill for backyard barbeques, parties, tailgaters, and family parties. You can easily take it anywhere.

The Blackstone flat top grill comes with a 1-year limited warranty and wow 88% of verified customers give these grills 5 stars and 7% of customers 4 stars.

Overall, the Blackstone tabletop top grill is the best option for those who are looking for that. Best price for the best tabletop grill.

Just get it now if you are interested in tabletop.

6. Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 – Flat Top Grill Griddle

best flat top grill

Royal Gourmet manufacturer grills and suppliers worldwide and the innovation team design a wide range of grills for every lifestyle and under budget.

Gourmet grills provide reliable quality, affordable prices, and premium service. The Regal GB2000 grill gives you a great cooking experience with friends and family that is best for a small house party, outdoor grilling with family, and campaign.

The Royal GB2000 grill’s bottom body structure is made with stainless steel which gives strength and stability also black powder-coated paint to protect from harsh weather and rustproof.

The flat-top gas grill has a total cooking surface of 486 square inches which is best for 8-10 people. The grilled top heat quickly and the porcelain-coated griddle distribute heat evenly all over the cooking areas.

GB 2000 comes with a powerful heating system, and two independent heavy-duty stainless steel tube burners produce 26,000 BTUs of power hourly with full control.

Gourmet’s best flat top grill comes with an automatic ignition system that gives a reliable spark every start just pushes the button and is powered by a battery.

The units have grease management system features that allow you quick and easy to clean the grill after completing the cooking task.

There are two large caster wheels around the grille with a braking system and two stands opposite the wheels that give greater stability and portability.

Grill has some extra features, a side table that gives ample space for food preparation, and a hanging bar design for grilling accessories within your reach.

The Royal Gourmet CB2000 flat top gas grill comes with a 12-month limited warranty. 69% of verified customers give 5 stars to this grill and 19% of customers give 4 stars.

Overall, the Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 2 burner propane flat top grill is the best option for those looking for external grilling. The grill gives you excellent performance and a good cooking experience and is priced as a convenience.

7. Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle

best flat top grill

The Blackstone Flat Top Grill is the fourth product in our inventory. The Blackstone 17″ grill has the same characteristics as the Blackstone 22″. But if something is less than the Blackstone 22” that’s why is here.

This Flat top grill indoor is most liked by the customers; this grill inspired the customer with its feature. You can use it for camping, house party, picnic with family tailgating, and backyard grilling.

The tabletop grill is made of cast iron and metal which gives greater strength. Cast iron grates retain heat and evenly distribute all cooking surfaces.

The Blackstone 17 “griddle gives 260 square inches of total cooking surface and is made by a heavy-duty cold-rolled steel cooking surface that allow you cooking versatility and durability.

The best flat top grill from Blackstone has a stainless steel “H” type burner which allows fast heat up and “H” type shape heat distribute evenly to all cooking surfaces, the burner 12,000 produce power each hour.

This Flat top grill indoor has a Piezoelectric ignition system that allows you a quick start that gives you the same start as first, and ignition powered by a battery.

The grill allows you to take it anywhere because the grill takes less space to store in the car. It gives excellent portability options due to its lightweight and small size.

The Blackstone 17” allows you to very easy to clean just wipe off with paper or a cooking towel. It doesn’t take a long time to clean.

Blackstone 17” tabletop gas griddle comes with a 1-year limited warranty and Wow 87% of verified customers give 5 stars for this grill and 8% give 4 stars.

Overall, if you are looking for a tabletop griddle this grill excellent option for you. All features are good and match your desired grilling. That is best for travelers who spent more time on the roads. So why you are waiting for? Grab yours…..

8. Royal Gourmet – 8-Burner Flat Top Grill

best flat top grill

As I have already mentioned Royal Gourmet Grill manufacturers and suppliers all over the world and this GB8000 grill is a huge cooking surface that you can host a big party at your home.

Design for the best instantaneous and best natural aromatic results. With this grill, your cooking efficiency makes a lifetime a great experience.

Gb8000 grill body is manufactured of heavy-duty stainless steel which gives more stability and the cooking surface is made with porcelain cooking grates which are heat retainer and evenly distributed.

The GB8000 grill has 950 square inches which are made with porcelain cooking grates that allow heat equally to the cooking area and also easier to clean, durable, and most important Corrosion-resistant that giving long life.

The Royal Gourmet’s other best flat top grill is ideal for big parties in companies, restaurants, and other commercial uses, and LP tanks are sold separately.

The Royal Gourmet GB8000 has 8 burners made with high-grade stainless steel and has 2 separate regulators that allow you complete control over temperature with flame.

The 8-burners produce 104,000 BTUs of power each hour with two separate cooking areas, you can cook one side other you can use for warm foods.

There are foldable shelves on either side that give enough space for food prep and when there is no need to just fold for storage. Inside the bottom are two more shelves that give more space for storing food, spices, and equipment that reaches your hands.

The grill has additional features, a grease management system that allows for easy cleanup, an electrical ignition system for fast and reliable starting, 4 lockable caster wheels that give more durability, to store excess oil Grease travel cup, cook big or small food on your own requirements.

The GB8000 has a 12-month limited warranty. 70% of verified customers give 5 stars and 16% of customers give 4 stars.

Overall, this grill GB8000 is the best option for those who are looking for a big grill for commercial purposes. The price is better than its features, which can easily handle your upcoming big party.

9. CUISINART CGG-888 Grill Stainless – Flat Top Grill Combo

best flat top grill

Cuisinart is definitely a new name in the grill industry but the CGG-888 grill stainless steel will not let you feel that you have made the wrong investment. 22″ diameter cooking surface is flat-top with hallmark quality.

This best round flat top grill has been constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel giving you effective shine on the patio. The Lid is designed for steaming and possibly baking foods and the lid has a convenient handle.

The Cuisinart CGG-888 has a 22” diameter cooking surface made of cold-rolled steel which holds heat and distributes evenly cooking area, ideal for small-medium family, outdoor cooking with friends, or having some guests.

CGG-888 comes with two independent control burners made with high-grade stainless steel and burners produce 30,000 BTUs of power per hour. The grill gives full control of heat by using the burner’s knob.

The Griddle has foldable side shelves that give more space for cooking prep and after cooking serving the food when work is complete then fold down to store the grill.

Grill with removable grease cups that remove easily and cleanly, and fix it again. It also comes with a feature paper towel holder.

Cuisinart’s Round flat top Grill comes with four caster wheels which allow you to move the grill as your requirements and 2 lockable wheels that give stability and durability.

Some more essential cooking tools come with the CGG-888, 12-inch circular wire rack, 20 pieces deluxe grilling toolset, a 36 X 65-inch grill mat, and burger smasher set.

Cuisinart grill comes with 3 years limited warranty. 78% of verified customers give 5 stars for the CGG-888 and 10% give 4 stars.

Overall, the CGG-888 represents a slight change in outdoor cooking. Its look and features are better than any major brand, the price may vary for some of them but it is a great option if you are interested in outdoor cooking with family and friends.


10. Country Smokers CSGDL0590 – Highland 4-Burner Portable Griddle

best flat top grill

Country Smokers grill CSGDL0590 gives more space for grilling, so you can cook mouthwatering foods. This grill has enough space for 8-10 people.

The grill, manufactured of heavy-duty metal, provides power to withstand any type of weather.

The country smoker grill has a total cooking surface of 597 square inches this is ideal for a house party, occasion, tailgater, outdoor grilling, and picnic with family or friends.

Griddle flat top built with hard steel that is heat retainer and distributes evenly cooking surface.

The four separately burner’s control is made with high-grade stainless steel which means lifelong and controls the temperature as requirements for cooking meals. Burners deliver 44,000 BTUs of power per hour.

The grill comes with collapsible foot features as well as a lightweight that is easy to carry and move. And both sides have foam-coated handle cover for easy grip.

The country smokers CSGDL0590 grill also has a very easy oil pan to collect and clean excess oil in the pan.

The CSGDL0590 griddle has come with 3 years limited warranty. 64% of verified customers give 5 stars and 16% of verified customers give 4 stars.

Overall, this is the best option for those who have 8-10 family members or friends. Its features are not going to disappoint you. The given price compensates for its features.

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