Top 5 Best Truck Tailgate Grill – Review

Tailgate Grilling is a great idea to spend time with your friends and family. Whenever I get too tired from work, I run to the mountain of friends where I can enjoy the open air and the best hunter meat. For which I use my best truck tailgate grill.

It is a good idea to spend time with your family and share grilled meat with them. If you want to make your tailgate convenient and portable, you need the best tailgate grill.

Whenever we talk about the truck tailgate grill, we always have the possibility of getting expensive. But if you have enough money then go to the nearest professional grill manufacturer or hardware for a truck tailgate grill. Fitting the tailgate and setting up the grill on the back of your truck will cost a lot.

Tailgating is a phenomenon whose popularity is increasing all over the world. Despite the increasing demand, there is a shortage in the market because till now large manufacturers of grills are less in this field. Because of this complete set can be quite expensive.

But in this article, we will give some affordable ideas for you on the best truck tailgate grill which is popular but cheap in the market. Apart from this, there are some tailgate grills that can make the best with the help of a truck hitch. Check out the best portable charcoal grill and the best small gas grills.

Top 5 Best Truck Tailgate Grill for 2022

If you are looking for a truck tailgate grill then this list might help you. We have selected some of the best tailgate grills that you should have a look at.

Product NameVehicle AttachmentTemperature ControlPrice Tag
HitchFire Forge 15 Hitch GrillEASYYES Check Current Price On Amazon
Green Mountain Trek Portable Pellet GrillEASYYES Check Current Price On Amazon
Fleming Sales Bumper GrillEASYNO Check Current Price On Amazon
Party King Smoke Varsity GrillEASYYES Check Current Price On Amazon
Crown Verity (TG-2) - 69" Tailgate GrillEASYNO Check Current Price On Amazon

1. HitchFire Forge 15 Hitch GrillTOP Recomendation

Best Truck Tailgate Grill

This is the best tailgate grill for trucks and the top choice from Hitchfire Adventure Grill as the best tailgate grill that offers versatility and durability. Made from high-grade allow steel with a black powder coat.

This best propane grill for tailgating offers a cooking area of 355 square inches which is large enough for 4-6 people or a group of friends. Perfect for foldable grills, camper grills, road trip grills, or tailgate grills.

This hitch is patented by Hitchfire for the technology that allows the grill to be carried anywhere while obstructing. It’s a fully removable grill that transforms into a tabletop grill with integrated legs.

This Hitchfire truck tailgate grille is equipped with a 2-burner that provides 15,000 BTU. You have a max 1-pound propane tank that fits with each burner. It’s capable with a Bernzomatic grill propane tank and Coleman grill propane tank and Uses Hitchfire adapter hoses (sold separately) for longer power if you want to connect it to a larger propane tank.

This Hitchfire grill is super versatile, it fits into a 2″ square receiver. The threaded bolt in the swing arm protects the grill from rattles. The RV grill is fitted with a locking Hitchpin (sold separately) for added security.

When you fully open this tailgate grill for the truck, you can easily lower it while the grill is still attached to the truck. The extension of the swing arms helps keep the smoke and odor of your grill away from your pickup or truck. It has a 12-inch hitch extender (sold separately) to give you extra wiggle room, too.

This Hitchfire Forge 15 Hitch Grill measures 42 x 23 x 17 inches and has an overall weight of 70 pounds. The hitch mount has different designs for passenger side swing and driver side swing which you can choose according to your requirement.

The Hitchfire Grill is specifically designed for outdoor grilling. We know that sometimes adventure grilling comes with trouble. It is designed for easy cleaning that comes with a grill cup. The Hitchfire Grill Cover (sold separately) provides an extra layer of protection from the elements to help keep your grill safe.


  • Swing on both sides for your convenience before buying it make sure which model you want.
  • Made of heavy-duty steel and black coated finish provides long-lasting durability.
  • Two separate burners with separate attachable 1 pound propane cylinders, and allows adding a large cylinder of propane with it
  • This grill is detachable for use as a tabletop grill anywhere.
  • It has a threading bolt in swing arm that keeps the grill from rattling.
  • You can down the Hitchfire tailgate grill when it is fully opened.
  • The tailgate grill comes with grease grill cups and the cooking grate enamel-coated steel for easy cleaning.
  • HitchFire Forge 15 hitch grill offers a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Very easy to install in the rear of your truck or pickup.


  • Great and sturdy design (Grill and Swing arm)
  • User-friendly – Very easy to put together, and also easy to cook
  • HitchFire is completely worthy
  • Excellent customer support team
  • 2-years limited warranty


  • Cost is a bit high but justified

How To Install Hitch Grill

Watch the video to see how easy to install this best tailgate grill.

2. Green Mountain Trek – Best Choice

Best Truck Tailgate Grill

The Green Mountain Trek pickup truck is another best choice for tailgates. It is made of high-quality stainless steel. The grill requires 12V or 120V AC power to operate and is the best for RV tailgate, house-boating, and camping.

The Green Mountain Trek pellet portable grill comes with a cooking area of 219 square inches. It has stretcher legs and an external heat shield adjustment rod.

This tailgate grill features a digital WiFi controller (control and monitor via smartphone app), a meat probe, a pointed lid for the rib rack, a convenience tray with utensil hooks, and Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor that continuously monitors grill temperature.

This digital WiFi grill lets you cook your favorite food while sitting with friends or family. When food is cooked you get the notification.

Cleaning is easy with this pellet grill whether it is grease or pellet ash. There is a separate cleaning cup and tray for both where the dirt collects which can be easily cleaned.

The one difficulty with this is that it doesn’t hitch with it, so you’ll either need an open pickup truck or you need the best hitch. I recommend for this CURT Basket Hitch Cargo Carrier it capacity 500 lbs.

3. Party King Grills Varsity Grill

Best Truck Tailgate Grill

The Party King varsity grill is constructed of stainless steel that provides corrosion protection and features a truck tailgate grill as well as a portable gas grill that can be freely used as a tabletop tailgate grill. It is easily attached to your truck or pickup.

Its stainless steel grill grates come with a cooking area of ​​200 square inches which is enough for 2-3 persons. To monitor the temperature includes a lid-mounted thermometer that makes it easy to monitor.

The 150 – 700 degrees is the grilling temperature range of this tailgate grill which is excellent.

This Park King truck tailgate grill features an adjustable temperature control valve that allows meat to be cooked over low and high heat for the perfect tender, juicy flavor of food.

It has folding side shelves to help you while cooking. I don’t like its lightweight built material, slow cooking, and low space that isn’t a good choice for a large tailgate.

One should consider it because of a top cover made of stainless material, temperature controller valve, rust-proof, and swing mount.


  • Sturdy total stainless grill body and hood
  • Grilling temperature range between 150° – 700° degrees
  • Side shelves with tool hooks
  • Adjustable temperature control valve and lid-mounted thermometer
  • It’s a really good the swing mount

4. Fleming Sales 52321 Bumper Grill Arm Assembly

Best Truck Tailgate Grill

This truck bumper grill arm manufactured by Fleming Sales is the cheapest truck arm for trucks on our list. It is made from heavy-duty 14 gauge steel that has been finished with black powder-coated.

This bumper grill arm mounts to any 4″ box beam bumper with a U-shaped bracket providing a secure attachment. Arm pivots have 2 points, arm stand allows 25″ away from the tailgate grill to coach.

This is a good choice for use with a sidekick grill or bumper grill table or a stainless steel RVAD 650 LP gas grill, but the material will feel lighter. It is excellently portable and is provided with a lynchpin to lock your hands while traveling, which is handy.

The Fleming Sales Bumper Grill Arm comes with a separate grill set that has a different price tag. Amazon gives this recommendation but you have a good choice as to which tailgate gas grill to choose.

It is accompanied by a small and sturdy grill with a space of less than 200 square inches of cooking area which is enough for very small functions. This truck tailgate grill allows for low and high heat cooking with temperature control but if this space suits you go with it.


  • The bracket assembly is used to attach the grill to the truck damper or RV bumper.
  • Made from heavy-duty 14 gauge steel finished black powder-coated.
  • Can convert shade area around coach into cooking in party area.
  • This will allow for grilling in tight parking areas such as tailgating or stadium events.
  • Grill can be moved up to 25 inches from coach to remove heat, grease, and mess away from your RV
  • It has 90-days limited warranty.

5. Crown Verity (TG-2) – 69″ Tailgate Grill

Best Truck Tailgate Grill

The biggest reason why the Crown Variety tailgate grill is here is its price which is around $10-thousand which is very expensive. If your budget is 10 thousand dollars, then there cannot be a better trailer grill than this.

This is one of the most affordable trailers for tailgate grille under 10000. The Crown Variety Tailgate Grill is relatively large with 6 stainless steel burners and is perfect for a large tailgate party.

The cooking area measures 966 square inches, constructed from high-grade stainless steel, designed for longer life. There are side shelves to help you with cooking and an insulated storage compartment to keep food warm for longer.

This Trailer Tailgate Grill has a 2″ diameter ball with a removable tongue and meets all safety criteria. Typically this Portable 69″ Tailgate Grill is used as a portable restaurant grill.

It is independently powered by a 6-stainless steel burner. Although this tailgate grill doesn’t have a temperature adjustment gauge but is still a popular and well-designed grill.

The trailer complies with all applicable automotive safety standards and construction for durability. It gets a stainless steel BI-48 LP grille with roll dome RD-48.

The large cooking area makes this grill perfect for convenience. Consider this if your budget allows for the best trailer tailgate grill or needs for a tailgate restaurant.

What are the most frequent questions? About Truck Tailgate Grill

Can I grill in the bed of my truck?

Yes grilling a pickup truck bed is a good idea, for that you need a high quality bed so the heat doesn’t damage your truck. There are a few quality considerations you need to consider before buying a truck bed – one must be strong, waterproof, won’t cut by your sharp tools, must be able to bear the weight, and must be made of rubber polymers that don’t crack, splitting, or deforming over time huh.

What is a Tailgate grill?

Basically, the tailgate grill is a one-of-a-kind gathering to share your love and memories with friends and family by visiting their favorite place and enjoying a piece of meat with them, and sharing your love and affection. to do. If you didn’t tailgate, plan today!

How to clean your tailgating grill

If you take care of something, naturally it will have a long life. To make your tailgating grill durable, be sure to clean it immediately after cooking. Cleaning requires a brush, cloth, and dishwashing soap, all of which you will have on hand before taking it out so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.
Along with the internal parts, it is necessary to clean the outside structure well. Make sure the grill is completely dry before storing it. Truck grills require more maintenance as they are exposed to dust, sunlight, and moisture for a longer period of time.

Final Verdict

Tailgate is the best thing to destroy all your negative energy and have a good time with friends. When you go out with your truck for the truck tailgate grill there are a few things to keep in mind that will help your event go smoothly.

Before setting out on a tailgate, you need to have the best truck tailgate grill as well as make sure you have all the essentials of the tailgate party with you. Your right selection can make your truck tailgate grill the best.

And I would only recommend you HitchFire Forge 15 Hitch Grill of the best tailgate party which has all the features you need. Stability with strength. In my research so far no one has been able to beat it. It is specially made for outdoor adventure. What I think is going to be the best portable grill of 2022.

Everything is perfect with Hitchfire Forge 15 Hitch Grill, cooking area, both side swing hitch options, comfortably install, sturdy, warranty, swing arm prevents the grill from rattling, your grill slips easily away from your vehicle. Whatever you call it, I know this will be your favorite outdoor grill.

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