Top 6 Best Yakitori Grill – (Complete Guide & Review)

When you are out you get something good that you expect. This time is a good excuse for me to eat yakitori but I prefer it with family instead of eating from the market for which I buy the best yakitori grill which gives me satisfaction.

If you have not eaten yakitori in your life, taste it once and you will be mesmerized.

You must be aware that grilled food is one of the signs of our ancestors that we have to keep alive. However, we are talking about the yakitori grill which is the Japanese way and would be a great meal during social gatherings.

The reason the Yakitori Grill is gaining popularity in the world is that it is small and fits easily into your home kitchen, outdoor grilling, tailgate, or camping and you get to eat deliciously delicious Yakitori Grill.

We know you’re looking for a great yakitori grill and if you’re short on time, the first thing you should do is take a look at a quick list.

Quick List Of Yakitori Grill

The Bincho Grill GR915L Yakitori GrillBest Japanese Yakitori Grill
Zojirushi EB-CC15 IndoorBest Yakitori Grill Electric
Fire Sense Large Rectangle Yakatori GrillBest Yakitori Grill Charcoal
NOMADIQ Portable GrillBest Yakitori Grill Gas
Noto Dia Yakitori GrillBest Konro Yakitori Grill
Vogvigo BBQ GrillsBest Yakitori Grill Stainless Steel

What is Yakitori Grill?

Yakitori is made up of two Japanese words that may be new to us. That is, ‘Yaki‘ means grilled and ‘Tori‘ means chicken or bird, grilled chicken is just that. But making it is like going on an exciting and adventurous journey, so why not bring adventure to life?

What else should you know about Yakitori?

  • What are the best brands available in the United States?
  • What tools are required for a Yakitori Grill?
  • What are the benefits of Yakitori Grill?
  • Does the quality of chicken vary a lot/matter a lot?
  • How hard is it to cook chicken?

Top 6 Best Yakitori Grill Review

Without delay, let’s start the Best indoor yakitori grill review

1. The Binchotan Yakitori Grill – Best Japanese Yakitori Grill

best yakitori grill


  • Constructed Materials
  • Temperature control
  • Simple design
  • Extra heat insulation


  • Price

The Bincho Grill is our best choice because it’s a great option that’s surprisingly versatile when you’re cooking a traditional yakitori.

This is an attractive Yakitori Grill that is built with a high-quality stainless steel body and is corrosion-resistant for long-lasting life. Its base leg and handles are made of wood to protect your hands and the floor from heat.

This 36-inch Yakitori grill has an additional insertable aluminum charcoal holder box in which you can easily place lumpy charcoal to the body. Regulates the temperature and deposits the charcoal ash at the bottom which is super easy to clean.

Along with that, you get 2 adjustable windows to control the airflow which works well to provide you with the desired heat. You can increase the flow of oxygen as quickly as possible.

This best Charcoal yakitori grill is perfect for serving a small family. It’s simple, safe, and temperature controls easily which makes it great. Please note that the grilling grates and skewer bars are not included.

2. Zojirushi EB-CC15 – Best Yakitori Grill Electric

best yakitori grill


  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Heating element
  • Removes excess oil and fat
  • Easy cleaning


  • Plastic material

If you are looking for the best Electric Yakitori grill that can let you enjoy Yakitori without the smoke in your indoor kitchen, then you should consider Zojirushi EB-CC15.

Its structure is made of sturdy plastic that protects you from sticking to heat and dirt.

One of the best features that I found attractive is that it will heat up only if it is installed properly. This high level of security is better for the safety of your children as well as you.

This Yakitori Grill Gas is a medium-sized nonstick grilling surface that is great for a small family and it keeps oil and fat directly off the food for a healthy meal.

This indoor yakitori grill has cool-touch handles for easy transport. You can control the heat from 176°F to 410°F for low and high heat grilling.

The hardest part would be cleaning the grill with this yakitori grill with a secure drip tray that is easy to clean.

3. Fire Sense Large Rectangle – Best Yakitori Grill Charcoal

best yakitori grill


  • Clay ceramic material for built
  • Air vent
  • Stainless steel holding clip
  • Portable


  • Ceramics need more care

The most popular Yakitori Grill is the Fire Sense yakitori charcoal grill which is quite famous among users. This is a Japanese ceramic clay grill made for classic yakitori.

This 18×10 inch yakitori grill is a great choice for creating a perfectly entertaining family meal. It weighs just 18-pounds, making it easy to fit on any table.

This outdoor yakitori grill features handmade clay construction that delivers great performance, and aesthetics and enhances its functionality.

This charcoal yakitori grill made of clay ceramics reduces the risk of cold spots and spread the temperature well across all areas. Features 2 air vent windows to control the temperature, which does a great job of raising or lowering the temperature.

The clips keep the grill bowl steady, so there’s no worry about flipping or wobbling when you use this is the best ceramic yakitori grill.

4. NOMADIQ – Best Yakitori Grill Gas


  • Compact design
  • Cooking area
  • Quick and reliable fire up
  • Easy cleaning up


  • No complaints were found that are genuine

If you are looking for the best option for outdoor, tailgate, or camping where you can enjoy yakitori then the best option is the Nomadic yakitori grill but for that, you will need a propane gas cylinder.

It is made of heavy-duty steel construction with a powder-coated finish for durability which gives you a cooking area of 226 square inches. It hangs easily over your shoulder with the help of a carrying strap that weighs only 12.6 pounds.

This best yakitori grill features an electric ignition system, 2 drip trays, a gas hose/regulator, and 2 SS burners.

These gas yakitori grill grates are easily removable, easy to dish wash, and corrosion-resistant. Best choice in performance, looks, and portability.

5. Noto Dia Table-top – Best Konro Yokitari Grill

best yakitori grill


  • Design
  • Easy to use
  • Monitoring is easy
  • Easy cleanup


  • Materials
  • Breakable

This is one of the best Konro yakitori grills from NOTO DIA. It is made of cast iron which gives more reliability in terms of durability.

This is a traditional Hida tabletop charcoal grill. Its body is usually covered with Japanese-style paper designed with Chinese characters.

All the manufacturing processes are handled by skilled professionals. Its body and mesh are extremely hot during use so please keep it away from children and your lovely animals.

Remember, do not smoke it directly after cooking, otherwise, it may crack or explode. After it cools down, wipe it off with a wet cloth. Oil stains and some stains cannot be completely removed which is frustrating.

Diatomaceous earth grill is a different design that you should have in your kitchen but caution and safety are more important. It is also a great ceramic yakitori grill.

6. Vogvigo – Best Yokitari Grill Stainless Steel

best yakitori grill


  • Construction materials (SS)
  • Airflow system
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight & Portable


  • Need assembling

This is the ultimate Yakitori Grill on the list that is a great construction and packed with versatile qualities to give you great performance.

I would prefer to call this the Best Yakitori Grill as I love the construction material which is made of high-grade stainless steel which is durable and portable.

The innovative design of the Vogvigo yakitori grill features a built-in insertable charcoal basket, perforation design, a fixed angle of inclination, and small windows for better air ventilation, providing a great grilling effect.

This yakitori grill will need to be assembled, for which only you need a 1 hexagon wrench, with the help of which it can be easily prepared for yakitori.

This is a great option for those who are very little space. It’s easy to clean, excels in performance, and comes with a few key accessories including 1 stainless steel food tong, 1 hexagon wrench, 1 scouring pad, and 1 stainless steel seasoning pot.

How to Make Yakitori Grill

Your budget might be tight this time due to which you are unable to buy the best Yakitori Grill. In fact, you can easily make the best yakitori grill with just a few essential tools.

  • Bring 2 clay bricks and wrap tightly with aluminum foil use more bricks until you reach the size of the grill but don’t forget to cover with aluminum foil.
  • Now set it in your patio or backyard which is heatproof and put the mesh over it but you have to make sure that the mesh is a few inches above the charcoal.
  • Before using a homemade yakitori grill make two rows of those bricks with a gap of 5 to 6 inches between them and if possible seal all the sides of it which is good for adjusting the heat of the charcoal.
  • Now lighten the white charcoal lightly and wait for it to turn brown, as it is best when it is ash.
  • Now it’s time to set your steel mesh on the homemade yakitori grill
  • Your Yakitori Grill is ready to serve Japanese yakitori dishes.

Why is only white charcoal used for yakitori grills?

White charcoal is preferred for Japanese yakitori, which gives you a classic flavor, but there are other reasons you should consider in detail below.

  • The high and stable clean heat is the main reason for its choice.
  • This charcoal produces distance infrared radiation so that it seals the taste of the food in no time.
  • Able to neutralize harmful acids formed in it during cooking.
  • This charcoal burns for around 3-5 hours which I would call the best and most economical charcoal.
  • Although it takes time to burn it, the harm is less, its use is more beneficial.

How Many Types of Charcoal

Binchotan Charcoal

  • This charcoal is also known as Yakitori Grill Charcoal or Japanese White Charcoal. When I went to Japan for some work in 2020, my neighbor used to smell its thick sweet smell without bothering me.
  • You don’t need a definition to understand charcoal, you just need some accurate information.

The Lump Charcoals

  • The Lump charcoals made from forged wood are the most common. It ignites up to a temperature of about 500˚C. This charcoal burns quickly, as it contains 70-80% carbon.
  • Its inconsistent size means that your grill will be hotter than other parts but will heat up faster and lose heat at the same rate.

Briquettes Charcoal

  • These briquettes are an alternative to the troubles caused by tall charcoal. But they may have used chemicals that make them consistently lighter and easier to burn.
  • But whenever you consider grilling, barbecuing, or smoking, you are advised to use non-chemical charcoal. However, they heat up more and produce less ash.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Yakitori Grill

Budget – One of the best Japanese yakitori grills costs between $400 and $800 for strong, long shelf life, but there are some great options that will cost you $100 to $400. So you have to choose according to your budget so that your pocket is not empty.

Size – First, you need to think about the size of the grill, although it usually depends on how many people you want to cook. If you are looking for the best Japanese Yakitori Grill then you should opt for Table Top Grill and from a commercial point of view you can consider a bigger size which is good.

Design – Did you know that traditional yakitori was made using chicken skewers? Whereas today around the world it is used for other purposes like making kebabs, burgers, and other types of meat. We recommend that you should buy a rectangular Yakitori Grill.

Handy – You should choose a yakitori grill that is more convenient for you, and should have an adjustable coal bed and extra strings.

Final Verdict

Making the best Japanese yakitori is easy if you have the right tools. Yakitori, a classic Japanese dish, is now becoming a favorite of Americans, so if you have the best Yakitori grill, you’re ahead of others and you can cook many more dishes with it.

We hope thWe hope this article has eased your dilemma about Yakitori Grill. This will prove to be the best way to spend time cooking exquisite meals with your loved ones.

The Bincho Grill GR915L Yakitori GrillBest Japanese Yakitori Grill
Zojirushi EB-CC15 IndoorBest Yakitori Grill Electric
Fire Sense Large Rectangle Yakatori GrillBest Yakitori Grill Charcoal
NOMADIQ Portable GrillBest Yakitori Grill Gas
Noto Dia Yakitori GrillBest Konro Yakitori Grill
Vogvigo BBQ GrillsBest Yakitori Grill Stainless Steel

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