Camp Chef Pellet Grill Problems – How to Solve Issues?

Camp Chef Pellet Grill Problems – Let’s Learn About Why your Camp Chef Pellet Grill not heating up. After completing this article you have the solutions and how to fix Camp Chef pellet grill issues.

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Any grill that has technology in its operation is bound to create problems at some point in the future, Camp Chef Pellet Grill uses the latest technology. But as things get old they keep creating problems but you continue to work with your trusted grill smoker.

When your trusty grill is creating problems, you’ve learned then troubleshoot Camp Che issues. But the biggest problem with a pellet grill smoker is that it is no longer as hot as before or is not getting hot at all.

If your Camp Chef pellet grill isn’t heating up or Camp Chef probe error, there could be a few main reasons why, see below. Check the comparison between Camp Chef vs Traeger vs Pit Boss

  • The Auger system may be jammed
  • Bad hot rod igniter
  • There is a dirty can in the sensor.
  • Build up of ash that won’t ignite the grill
  • low-quality pellets
  • A bad fan
  • improperly stored pellets

Here, we give you simple tips on how to avoid the Camp Chef pellet grill getting too hot and how to fix them if your Camp Chef pellet grill is having problems.

The common issue with pellet smoker grills is overheating and low heating. Keep reading to learn how to fix these problems, so you can easily camp chef troubleshoot.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill Problems & Solutions

Let’s start learning why is my camp chef not heating up. and how to fix the issue of camp chef heating issues one by one. The Top Chef’s Best Smoke Cookbook will give you everything you need along with great tips for learning how to smoke meat.

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Camp Chef Pellet Grill Auger Not Turning

Camp Chef pellet grill problems

If you have a Camp Chef pellet grill and getting the Auger turning issue. So why are Camp Chef Pellet Grill’s problems causing this? You must have worked very hard to learn and understand it.

The most common reason why the pellet grill auger jam is that the pellets are left in the hopper for a long time. Some grillers don’t take out or clean the pellets for more than a week because of their laziness.

If there is moisture in the hopper, that moisture will enter the pellets and the pellets become moist even if they are not cleaned for a long time. When you start the pellet for re-use the auger gets jammed even more problematic.

Here you may think of the pellet and auger system as the culprit but the real culprit of its problems is laziness. A problem that causes a faulty or broken component. Fix this problem with some tips otherwise contact a professional to solve this issue.

Read our article about Camp Chef error codes, you can get a complete guide about the flame error and Camp Chef troubleshooting.

How To Fix Camp Chef Pellet Grill Issues

  1. Remove all pellets and clean the hopper thoroughly.
  2. Make sure the pellet and the inside of the hopper are completely dry.
  3. To avoid further such problems, regular cleaning of pellets from the hopper is necessary.

Watch the video below to see which one might be best for you.

A Bad Hot Rod Igniter

Camp Chef pellet grill problems

Usually, such a problem arises when a faulty or broken igniter/hot rod in the pellet grill is in use. Bad or broken igniter/hot rod breakage happens after a few years.

A damaged or broken igniter/hot rod will continue to auger which will throw the pellets into the burning vessel but will be unable to ignite the pellets. If so, small amounts of pellets will be used to keep things running smoothly but this will eventually put out the fire.

Good thing for those of you whose Camp Chef grill is under warranty so you can order parts without investment that are very easy to fit. You can fit it yourself in about 10-15 minutes. The life of the rod is three years, depending on how often you use the Camp Chef.

How To Fix Camp Chef Hot Rod Problems

  1. Remove all components like heat diffuser etc.
  2. Find the firepot
  3. Remove the broken hot rod and replace it with a new one
  4. Re-fix all removed components
  5. Start smoking.

What the video below, How easily Fix the Hot Rod Issues in any pellet grills? Learn how Camp Chef hot rod replacement.

A Dirty Temperature Sensor

It is important that you maintain your pellet grill so that there are no problems with the Camp Chef pellet grill. There will be a temperature sensor or resistance temperature detector inside the grilling area of ​​the Camp Chef grill, which needs to be monitored from time to time.

You have to pay attention that the temperature sensor or resistance temperature detector is not covered with smoke vapor, due to which you will get wrong temperature readings.

If you own a Camp Chef Pellet Grill, unfortunately, it doesn’t have the smart features that some other brands have. All things are not working properly means you have to look into the issue yourself.

A briefcase-type gas grill from the Camp Chef Must read Camp Chef Grill Box review

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How To Fix Sensor Problems

  1. First, remove the temperature sensor.
  2. Clean the sensor with warm water with a normal dishwasher.
  3. Before fixing make sure the temperature sensor is well dried
  4. Fix it where it was before.
  5. Take a test run to ensure it measures the correct temperature.

Watch the Video, How to Replace RTD temperature sensor.

Low-Quality Pellets

Your Camp Chef pellet grill is having problems with the heating area, which is one reason you choose lower-quality wood pellets. Some experts believe that it will not burn properly like the elders but here there is some controversy among the experts.

You have to check what the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations are about the wood pellets to give you the perfect heat and taste.

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How To Fix Camp Chef Pellet Smoker Problems

  1. Use pellets that are recommended and directed by the manufacturer.
  2. Stop investing in low-quality pellets that don’t give you reliable heat and great taste.
  3. Explore options for high-quality pellets.
  4. You have to make a constant effort to get the right pellets

Ash Buildup

Camp Chef pellet grill problems

A common reason for pellet grills not burning is excessive ash build-up. But often it’s just a matter of maintenance. But you will be surprised to know that the pellet grill does not produce much ash, yet you should take special care of cleanliness. Otherwise, the fire will go out and your grill won’t heat up.

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How To Fix Pellet Grill Problems

  1. Clean the ashes from the grill after smoking
  2. Inspect the grill and make sure ash build-up is not a problem.

The Fan Is Not Working

This problem mostly arises when you start using your Camp Chef Pellet Grill after a long time or you do not maintain it properly.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill Problem – When grease starts to build up in the fan of the grill, its speed may be affected. The only reason for this is that it was not cleaned in time and did not do as much as was required. Oxygen is needed to light a fire and a fan is its source. If the fan does not work then the fire will not burn.

How To Fix

  1. Turn off all electrical connections to the grill.
  2. Clean the fan and remove all grease and debris.
  3. Rotate the fan several times with your hands to remove accumulated dirt and keep the fan running.
  4. Remove the fan and wash it thoroughly.
  5. If the fan is broken or beyond repair, replace it

Improperly Stored Wood Pellets

Have you ever thought that there is also a right way to store the pellets used in pellet grills, which often people do not follow? There is a common belief among people that you should buy pellets that you are not carrying in airtight containers.

Airtight pellets are not a good idea as most pellets require some air which even the supplier of pellets recommends. Maybe condensed in a bag or unopened box. The main thing here is to store your pellets where there is a dry place.

You have to choose the brand which has fewer of such problems and can be easily stored How to store them Clear instructions a must or doesn’t matter to you?

If moisture is added to the pellets, then the consequences are mentioned above, which increases the chances of cracking and damage to the grill. The only option is to get rid of these bad pellets, you have either replace them but the right use of bad pellets is to use compost in your garden.

How To Fix Camp Chef Pellet Grill Issues

  1. The only solution here is to store pellets in a dry place.

For cleaning the pellet grill, here you guide video on How to clean the Camp Chef pellet grill

Some Extra Camp Chef Pellet Grill Problems

Let us know about some more pellet grill issues which are controlling, WiFi connectivity, camp chef internal thermometer error, and safety issues to camp chef pellet grill troubleshooting.

Camp Chef Probe Error

Camp Chef sensor error; When the PRERR error code is displayed in Camp Chef which is associated with the meat probe. Check to see if your meat probe is inserted into the port on the controller.

If there is no meat probe, you must try it by pressing the meat probe button. This will toggle the controller back to the grill temperature.


If you inserted your meat probe, try unplugging the probe and then plugging it back in. If the camp chef RTD error persists, you may need a new meat probe. To get it, all you have to do is call customer service for a new one.

Camp Chef Controller Issues

The Camp Chef controller issues are a major problem that makes you lose control but it is only caused by a bug or corrupted software in your app. Maybe there is another reason is troubleshooting is done properly.


  1. All you have to do is reset the app on your smartphone and do the troubleshooting again. Resetting the app the easy way, but requires a professional to troubleshoot.

Camp Chef Flame Out fix

First of all, you need to know why my pellet grill catches on fire. There are two main causes of fire in a camp chef, pellet firepot and drip tray accumulation of excess grease.

As mentioned earlier, the importance of using dry the pellet. Moist pellet firepots and augers feed improperly, making your pellet grill more likely to catch fire. Also, another reason is you have to change the liner on the drip tray every 1-3 cooks.


  1. Uses dry pellets
  2. Also, you have to change the liner on the drip tray every 1-3 cooks.
  3. Keep dry and clean firepot and pellet hopper

Camp Chef Temp Probe Not Working

The Camp Chef temp probe not working the reason behind this could be that the meat probe is broken or not cleaned properly. Also, the above mentions how to clean the sensor. Read the review article of Best Meat Probes


  1. First, clean the temp probe
  2. If not working after cleaning just change it.

Camp Chef Not Connecting to WIFI

This is also the reason we discuss the issue of control. follow directions.

Watch the on How to set temp on Camp Chef pellet grill

Why is my camp chef pellet grill not getting hot enough?

If your Camp Chef pellet grill is not heating up, it could be caused by a number of factors.

Strong wind and outdoor temperatures are common factors that can prevent a grill from reaching its set temperature.

You have to make sure your Camp Chef Grill is in a location as protected from the elements as possible.

The second biggest reason is that you may have used a moisture-rich pellet. Should always be stored in an airtight bag or container to avoid moisture.

There are other reasons such as the fuel and airflow may not reach the top temperature of the grill.

Better airflow is also a cause of temperature problems, so make sure your grill is at least 30” away from combustible constructions, and that all back vents are unobstructed.

There should be a gap of at least 1.5 inches chimney cap and the fan should be clean.

How should I start my Camp Chef Grill?

Start your Camp Chef Pellet Grill with the lid open for 10 minutes. (The setting temperature range is 180-210°F).

After that, it’s a good idea to close the lid and adjust your temperature to the desired setpoint. It will take 10-20 minutes to get up to the desired temperature. 

Not; the outside colder temperature can affect the time.

Why is my camp chef not feeding pellets?

There are a few reasons your camp chef may not feed grill pellets into the firepot that you are advised to check.

1. Check whether the pellet is present in the hopper.
2. Check the burn cup for pellets. Pull the ash cleanout lever and then remove the cup from under the grill to check for pellets.
3. Check if the auger chamber maybe there is blocked.

If something is blocking the pellets from getting into the auger chamber. Needs to be cleaned or replaced if the auger is broken.

Why is my camp chef smoker getting too hot?

One of the most common reasons why your Camp Chef pellet grill temperature rises is because the fire pot is clogged with ash and wood dust. Cleanliness is extremely important for troubleshooting.

Do you need to use pellets all the time? Even if you are not wanting to smoke the food?

Yes, wood pellets are the only source of fuel for any pellet grill, so without them, you won’t get any heat.

Can I use other brands of pellets?

Yes, you must use 100% all-natural wood pellets without any additives, glue, binder, corn, or any other oils. Most importantly should be completely dry.

Is it normal for my grill to put off a lot of smoke at first?

Yes, because of the wood pellets being ignited.

Is it normal for my grill to produce little to no smoke?

Burning pellets at higher temperature settings produce less smoke. If you want more smoke, allow the pellets to smolder at a lower temperature.

What temps are considered high smoke?

Use 220 degrees in your Camp Chef pellet grill, which can fluctuate between 200 – 240 degrees with 20 degrees +/-, of the set temperature. It is normal depending on the weather.

What temps are considered low smoke?

160°F is the best temperature setting for smoking at low temperatures, which can fluctuate between 140-180°F. 20°F +/-, the temperature determined by the season.

The temperature outside can also have an effect on these temperatures. On hot days your grill will get hotter.

Camp Chef bypass startup

Camp Chef Bypass has 2 functions.

Use the FEED setting to hold for 4 -6 seconds and if the grill is still hot, use bypass the start-up.

For example, if the power goes out suddenly and the grill turns off, or if you need to restart the grill and it’s still hot, you’ll use bypass mode.

Important; This mode is only used if the grill has been temporarily turned off and the pellets in the lit cup are still hot enough to ignite the pellets.

What is Camp Chef’s firmware update?

Camp Chef made a major upgrade to the iOS app, including a firmware upgrade. It adds charting features for chefs’ history, smart thermometer settings for different types of meat, and graphic redesigns.

Hope to try it out soon.

Final Overview – Camp Chef Pellet Grill Problems

In this article, I hope you learned of camp chef pellet grill problems. Here are the most common reasons why a camp chef pellet grill isn’t heating up.

Here is some other camp chef pellet grill with no power, camp chef flame out the fix, and camp chef chimney adjustment is also a hassle for some people.

The above issues are something you should consider whenever you consider carefully repairing or maintaining your pellet grill. You have to make sure that you are only replacing or repairing the part of the grill with the problem.

Good luck getting your Camp Chef Pellet Grill fixed; I’ve tried to help you start the best meat to smoke once again and hope things are heating up fast again.

If you do everything but your Camp Chef pellet grill has the same problem need to call “Camp Chef support” – at (800) 650-2433

Learn more about How to fix the Camp chef flame error.

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  1. My thermostat at doesn’t set. When I try to set it to say 325 degrees, it jumps around to all other degrees. We cleaned the sensor but now it cooks too hot. Any ideas?? Thank you for your help

    • Here are some instructions for you to follow once again.
      1. Pellet is the biggest cause of temperature fluctuations. You always have to keep in mind that the pellet should be completely dry. Select the right and dry place to store the pellets. Make sure the pellets are completely moisture free before using.
      2. Empty the pellet hopper completely and use the specified pellet after cleaning it thoroughly.
      3. This is also due to the cleanliness of the grill, so you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the grill. Cleaning the fire pot using a vacuum cleaner
      4. You should make sure that there are no pellets or ash stuck in any of the holes in your fire pot.
      5. You should once again clean the temperature sensor and make sure that the wires are completely connected.

      One more thing, don’t forget the clean cooking box.

      After that check everything will be fine otherwise it is time to replace your temperature sensor.

      Thanks for your beliefs

    • Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. There are three main reasons why your Camp Chef won’t start.

      1. Fuse is bad (use a multimeter to make sure the fuse is good)
      2. You accidentally plugged in a GFCI outlet, what could be the reason? Try plugging it into another outlet.
      3. Your controller may have gone out!

      Double check these and if you have the same problem then you should contact customer care.

  2. I have a 2022 camp chef Dlx 24. When I set the temperature, it doesn’t always give me the option to set smoke level with the temperature. I can only set smoke by itself or temperature by itself, not both together. It will allow me to set both together only periodically. Any ideas??


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