10 Simple Tips To Fix Char Griller 980 Temperature Issues

It is true that starting from the brick mortar grill it has reached a higher level of grill which you can control from your mobile. Today we are going to talk about the most advanced Char Griller 980 temperature issues.

The latest grill design is the Gravity Charcoal Grill which is inspired by pellet grills. It’s the perfect choice for pitmasters who want to cook their food with the heat and smoke of charcoal.

It is very advanced and can be controlled with the help of a mobile. Be it temperature control or monitoring of the entire unit.

But being from the advanced version does not mean that there is no problem with it. This guide is for those who are dealing with temperature problems with Char-Griller 980.

You need to know what causes temperature problems so that you can solve them yourself.

Cause & Solutions of Char Griller 980 Temperature Issues

You have to understand that there is no single reason why your Char Griller Gravity 980 temperature problem occurs. That’s why we have put all the reasons in front of you so that the gravity 980 grill temperature problem.

Let’s start with the root cause of your Gravity 980 charcoal grill temperature issues and solutions.

Gravity 980 Grill Not Clean

After researching different brands and designs, almost all article writers like me agree that the Gravity 980 develops temperature problems if not cleaned properly.

If it is not maintained on time, vital parts of your Gravity 980 are covered with vapor, carbon soot, and ash. This is one of the major reasons for creating temperature issues in any type of grill.

If not cleaned in time, the temperature sensor will not give correct readings, the air damper will jam, and the fan will jam and block the air vents, which will reduce airflow and cause heating problems.

All of these cause issues such as low temperatures, high temperatures at low settings, grill not heating, and temperature fluctuations.

It may even lead to the replacement of various parts including a temperature sensor, fan, cord, hopper, and ash box door switch.


  • There is only one solution, you have to make sure that you clean all the parts before each cooking session. Wood pellets produce less ash but charcoal produces a lot of ash, so you have to pay special attention to cleaning after each cooking.

This is an important video that you must watch to clean the Char-Griller Gravity 980.

Char Griller 980 Temperature Fan Not Working

Sometimes your Advanced Gravity 980 Grill is not giving accurate temperature readings due to the bad temperature sensor or not cleaning properly.

Most likely its wire is damaged so you should move on to solving that.


  • If your Char-Griller Gravity 980 temperature probe is consistently giving incorrect readings, the first thing you should do is open the lid and start an investigation.
  • Wipe off the dust, charcoal ash, debris, and vapors from the Char-Griller heat sensor with a clean cloth.
  • Make sure the temperature sensor is 6 inches away from the body, and check the wire is not broken or loose.
  • Fix the temperature sensor and it works fine. If not, the temperature sensor is bad, replace it.

The Fan Is Not Working

One reason your gravity grill might have temperature issues is that the fan isn’t running, but you new pitmasters usually don’t notice it.

In this situation, you have to find out why Char Griller 980 temperature fan not working.


  • Make sure the power supply connection for the controller is plugged into a safe and working outlet.
  • Check that the controller is on.
  • Check hopper lid and ash pan door are closed and latched.
  • Make sure the fan door is not open and also not to open the fire shutter.
  • Check that the wire from the control panel is not loose or broken.
  • Clean debris, charcoal ash, grease, or dust from the fan and fix it again.
  • Hope all goes well, otherwise, if the fan is bad, buy a new fan and replace it.

Ambient Temperature

Fully capable of manipulating the temperature of the grill with the ambient temperature set temperature. The completeness of the rules of combustion of charcoal or wood depends on the ambient air temperature.

The higher the ambient temperature, the faster the combustion process, and the lower the ambient temperature, the slower the combustion process. As a result, your Char Grill 980 Gravity Grill may develop temperature issues and will deviate from the set temperature.

If your Gravity 980 Grill is exposed to direct sunlight, its temperature will remain high, and ambient cold or strong wind can cause it to stay below the set temperature.


  • The only solution to this is not to use the Gravity 980 in direct sunlight, in cold and windy environments you should use a high-quality insulated cover.

Improper Startup of Char Griller Gravity 980 Grill

There are always some enthusiastic grill masters who defy the manufacturer’s guidelines for starting a gravity-fed charcoal grill which is really important.

All you really need to know is how long a gravity grill needs to heat up. You’ll need to go through a preheating process before you can start cooking, but some people just set the temperature and go.

The Gravity 980 always tends to cause Gravity 980 grill temperature issues if you go through the process without preheating it.

Controller Malfunction

The control system can help better control the temperature of the charcoal grill with minimum temperature deviation.

The problem is if you have set the Gravity 980 Fed Charcoal Grill temperature to 225 degrees and at the same time the controller shows a temperature of 300 degrees on the control board, it simply means that the controller is not working properly.

There are many reasons for this, the biggest of which is a flare that will cause the temperature to rise, the fan to stop, the error to disappear, or a bug in the app.


  • This clearly means that you have to check all the temperature-related components, if everything is working properly, then the controller is bad and needs to be replaced.
  • Below is a video to help you learn how you can replace the controller on the Char Griller Gravity 980 fed charcoal grill.

Constantly Changing Temperature

Just as all grills take some time to settle temperature, the Gravity 980 grill takes time to settle in. Your Gravity 980 charcoal grill hasn’t even started and you start fiddling with its set temperature.

Such actions badly affect the hot air inside the grill and create problems like temperature fluctuations.

In such a situation, sometimes the temperature becomes high and sometimes it decreases, due to which the taste of the food is badly affected and the possibility of the meat not being fully cooked from inside increases.


  • There’s only one way, you should always make sure not to tamper with the set temperature.

Continuous Opening Lid

This is a common mistake often made by enthusiasts and new grill masters who constantly open the lid of the grill to check on the condition of the food or for any other reason. Doing this continuously causes temperature problems in the gravity grill.

As soon as you open the lid of the grill, the hot air inside goes out because the hot air is lighter and then the temperature reading on the control panel starts showing less.


  • You have to make sure not to open the grill lid without any valid reason.

FAQs – Char Griller 980 Temperature Issues

What does it mean when my gravity 980 grill is cooking hotter than temp?

There isn’t a single cause that you can fix outright, you have to continually monitor all components with temperature issues.

Although the most common cause of your gravity grill cooking above the set temperature is a flare-up in the cooking zone, the fan door can be opened, ensuring that the hopper and ash doors are properly closed. Also, check that the rear damper is fully open.

Can you use the Char-Griller 980 in the rain?

Yes, you can use the Char-Griller 980 Gravity Charcoal Grill in the rain. It’s completely sealed so water won’t get in but you still need to protect the electrical equipment.

How long does charcoal last on Char Griller 980?

When I tested it, with a hopper full of lump charcoal and set it at 280 degrees, it ran anywhere from a few minutes to 10 hours. It is fully insulated and efficient which is best for any outdoor cooking.

Final Verdict

I hope you got all the information about the Char Griller 980 temperature issues. This article is taken on the basis of my own experience.

I believe that if temperature-related issues arise with your Char-Griller Fed Charcoal Grill, the information provided is capable of solving them all.

It may not work for some people so I would recommend you contact Char-Griller Customer Care or talk to your nearest Gravity Grill specialist.

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