Megamaster 2 Burner Grill Review [Perfect Grill]

The Megamaster Grill name may be new to some, but it has been manufacturing BBQ grills for the last 3 decades, with the Megamaster 2 Burner Grill being quite famous. You arrived here today in search of Megamaster 2 Burner Grill Review.

To eliminate confusion, there are two models of the Megamaster grill, one tabletop and the other for placating hungry herds, but both are superbly made. Here today we will talk only about 2 burner gas grill which is good for your small events.

Since we have been following BBQ Grill Industries for a long time, we know that Megamaster Grill always provides superior and excellent build quality.

Its design looks good at first glance and fits your deck, patio, or small balcony. Don’t be too hasty in making a decision, there are a few things you need to know about the Megamaster 2 Burner Propane Grill.

Let’s dive into the Megamaster 2 Burner Grill Reviews.

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Overview – Megamaster 2 Burner Grill Review

The Megamaster 2 Burner Gas Grill is excellent for your backyard grilling and is a versatile gas grill.

With this, you can roast, and grill, meat, fish, or vegetables. The cooking area is excellent for small events simple for both classic and fancy foods.

The cooking surface is 18X18 inches, which is the perfect size for four people, but it’s also capable of cooking if you have a family of six.

One good thing about it is that you can reduce the temperature whenever you want. Both burners are rapidly reaching high temperatures. With the grill lid closed it takes less than 5 minutes to reach 500 degrees.

Overall it is 23″ wide, 20″ deep, and 47″ high when you fold the side shelves down. Make it 2 feet wide as you open the side top shelves.

The MegaMaster was invented for small outdoor kitchens with limited space. It takes less than 20 minutes to assemble, believe me, it is straightforward and easy.

The Megamaster 2 Burner propane grill has a sufficient storage area with a lockable large grilling toolbox. I would also suggest you read reviews from verified users.

Quick Specification

  • Made of high-quality Steel, Stainless Steel Lid, and Cast Iron Grid
  • Total 418 sq. in. grilling area (Primary cooking area 324 & 94 sq. in. top grates)
  • Foldable Side Shelves
  • Built-In Temperature Gauge
  • 2 independent Stainless Steel Main Burners
  • Foldable Side Shelves
  • Enclosed Cart
  • Storage locker.
  • Grease management system
  • Porcelain Flame Tamers
  • Weight 64 lbs
  • Battery-operated Ignition system
  • Grill dimensions – 23 x 43 x 46 inches
  • 5-year limited warranty

Key Features Megamaster 2 Burner Gas Grill

You may know a lot by now but it’s still not enough to buy the Megamaster 2 Burner Propane Grill. Let us look further at the key features of the Megamaster 2 Burner LP Gas Grill.

Construction Materials

The frame of the Megamaster 2 burner gas grill is made of stainless steel. The burners, internal components, and grill lid are made of 409 stainless steel. Grill grates are made of cast iron which is great for heat distribution.

As far as durability is concerned, all the materials used in its manufacturing are of good quality and will last for a long time, you just have to take time in taking care of it.

Cooking Area

Megamaster 2 Burner Grill Review [Perfect Grill]

Its two cooking zones provide enough space to cook food for 4-6 people. In this, you have a total of 418 square inches of which 324 is the main cooking area and 94 square inches is the warming area.

We believe that you can cook everything in the courtyard with it, which is enough for everyone in the house, and it will not leave you even when unexpected guests come.

Only consider others if space is an issue for you, otherwise, go ahead. The Megamaster 2 Burner Gas Grill is perfect for your needs.

Powerful Burners

Both Powerful primary stainless steel burners produce 28,000 BTU which is sufficient heat and each burner is controlled independently based on your cooking style.

If you heat the grill with the lid closed, it reaches 500 degrees in less than 5 minutes. The heat distribution is great, it gets very hot and easily reaches the minimum heat over which you have complete control.

Preparation Area

The Megamaster 2 burner gas grill has foldable tables on both sides for cooking preparation and more. Although it looks great on the outside as well as on the inside, this is the perfect gas grill for patio or outdoor cooking.


Its design attracts you at first sight. This is a common design of two-burner gas grills available in the market, the only thing different is that it stores easily in small space. For this, you just have to fold both the side tables downwards.

The Megamaster 2 Burner Gas Grill is made of stainless steel and has great build quality. Side table, storage below which helps in the cooking process.

Its design is simple and will look good on anyone but if you are thinking of buying a two-burner gas grill but are not satisfied with the design then you can read our article on 2 burner gas grills.

Easy Assembling

Megamatter provides you with an assembling manual that can help you assemble the BBQ. This will take less than 20 minutes.

Once everything is done, the Megamaster 2-Burner Gas Grill is ready for grilling season.

Here you can watch the Megamaster 2 burner propane gas grill tutorial!

Value for Money

When it comes to buying the right gas grill, affordability cannot be left aside, so the Megamaster 2 Burner Grill seems to be the perfect choice for its build quality, precision, and consistent results.

This is a great grill that can satisfy your family’s hunger with a primary cooking area of 418 square inches.

As far as strength is concerned, its structure, internal components, cooking grate, temperature control system, and cleaning system are excellent.

With it, you can grill, roast, bake, steam, and more. Its price is absolutely affordable considering its features, materials, and 5-year warranty, making the grill a great value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Models of Megamaster 2-Burner Grills Are There?

Megamaster makes two models of 2-burner gas grills. One is a tabletop and the other is designed for outdoor cooking.

Which Megamaster 2-Burner model is the Best?

Actually, both 2-burner grills perform well but both are designed for different needs. It depends on your needs, how many people you have to cook for, or how you want to use it.

How Long Should a Megamaster Gas Grill Last?

Megamaster Gas Grill has an excellent warranty period. If you take care of it, especially cleaning it after cooking, it lasts for 5-10 years. If you don’t take care of it, it will start causing problems within 2 years.

Do Megamaster Grills rust?

You can feel free to invest in Megamaster, as far as rust is concerned, if you keep it clean then it will not rust. No matter how expensive a BBQ grill you buy, it will rusty due to lack of cleaning.

Final Verdict

The materials used and features of this affordable 2-burner grill make it a good choice. Its precise temperature control and heat distribution results are excellent.

The Megamaster gas grill has not become as popular as it should be. In my opinion, you don’t need to rely only on my reviews to buy this, I would again recommend you to read reviews from verified buyers.

Although I don’t find anything wrong with it, consider the above suggestions before purchasing. If you love gas grill or grilling, this product is best for your patio.

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