Rec Tec 340 Grill Review – Before Buying Read This Guide

Today We are going to Rec Tec 340 review, Is really worthy of just hype? This review guide will take just around 5 minutes. You have a lot of knowledge about this pellet grill after completing the reading task.

Yes, I have written many review articles in my life for my Clint but this review article of Rec Tec RT-340 is dedicated to you.

Today it is time to make a pellet grill, but you have to be very cautious in choosing it when it comes to the Rec-Tec brand, there is some satisfaction in mind that you are going to have a good grill.

Most users respond positively to the rec tec pellet grill RT 340, it is made of superior stainless steel for long life. It is excellent for all types of seasons and I found that it definitely has good strength and is corrosion-proof.

The REC TEC RT340 has the added commitment to creating superior quality, components, warranties, temperature control, and customer service that ensures you get everything for your grill. The RT-340 is durable, portable, and ready to go anytime anywhere! This grill is excellent for small families or single grillers.

In this REC TEC 340 review, you get real and reliable information about great taste without any trouble, offers excellent taste compared to rectec charcoal, and is more convenient than gas. You can make anything in a rectus grill such as bake, smoke, fry, grill, and even dehydrate by just pressing a button.

Yes, this is true, there are no grill brands anywhere around this price point that offers a retake quality. Is it a smart grill and is it worth the money? Let’s do a step-by-step check.

Rec Tec 340 Reviews

Constructed Material

How long a good smoking grill will last depends on what metal it is made of. And when it comes to the Rec Tec RT 590 you need not panic as it is made of premium stainless steel and protects it from the external storm.

All those components and structures make high-quality materials. The Rec Tec RT 340 has excellent grilling features and is perfect for small families and is designed for great smoking results and deliciously flavored meats.

The rec tec trailblazers require basic assembling that takes 30 minutes by following the manual instruction. if you really want to buy this grill you need to read the full rec tec rt 340 review article.

Do you know that the components inside most of the grills deteriorate due to heat? But all parts of the rec tec rt 340 are made of superior and heavier gauge stainless steel that lasts longer and protects from rust. Rectec rt 340 and Rectec rt 590 have similar construction materials.

Rec Tec 340

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Construction Features

  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel hardware that protects against rust, corroding, or fail
  • The grill has a high-temperature RTV caulk that expels moisture from the grilling chamber.
  • Similar to the RT-590, the no-pinching test wire in the lid already has a probe porthole.
  • For wire chafing rubber grommets on all wire ports.
  • Grill-integrated heat vent that protects the electronics from heating.
  • Easy assembling
  • The modular structure made it easy to change individual components
  • The Rectec RT-340 has a component access panel

Exterior Material

  • Stainless steel cooking chamber
  • Feel the trademarked recteq quality with an Iconic micro-polished 304 stainless steel bull horn handle.
  • Locking stainless steel hopper lid
  • Stainless steel hopper lid piano hinge
  • Stainless steel recteq logo |
  • Stainless steel fail-proof lid stops
  • Stainless steel spillproof bucket hook
  • 3 reliable stainless steel handles
  • High-temperature powder-coated lid
  • Insulated Lid that helps maintain heat, using less fuel
  • 2 smoke vent holes
  • Weighs 80 lbs. | Perfect for tailgating


  • Superior Heavy Duty Manufactured Materials
  • Rectec RT-340 integrated temperature vent system
  • PID controller system with WiFi connectivity
  • High-Temperature RTV caulk
  • Made of modular construction
  • Reliable and versatile cooking experience
  • Wire port covered with rubber grommets
  • Add charcoal flavor to your meat.
  • Easy portability


  • Missing hopper purge function

Cooking Surface

Rec Tec RT 340 has a primary cooking area of 340 square inches that enough headroom for turkeys or large roasts and fits 3 racks of ribs. You have an additional second shelf to increase the cooking area up to 511 square inches. This grill size is excellent for small families. Here is an article for the budget grill smoker.

rec tec 340

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Interior Features of RT-340

  • 340 square inch cooking area with enough headroom and 3 racks of ribs for turkey or large roast
  • 511 square inch cooking area with an optional second shelf which means more space for more food.
  • 304 stainless steel cooking grates that symbol lasts for the life of the grill. Easy to remove and clean
  • Concentrated 304 stainless steel firepot indestructible pot will not fail
  • Hot flash Ceramic Ignition System for 100,000 cycles was evaluated. Nearly 300 years of grilling
  • 304 stainless steel heat deflector distributes heat evenly in the cooking chamber
  • 304 stainless steel drip pan that allows easy cleaning, grease the funnel from the cooking chamber to the drip bucket
  • Stainless steel bottom shelf that increases stability

Hopper Capacity

The REC TEC Trailblazer simply has a good hopper size capable of holding 20-pound fuel pellets. It is excellent for 20+ hours
continuously cooking if it fills once and produces less ash (less than 1%).

This RT-340 pellet grill is for you to take the art of smoking meat to a different level in less time. It is better to cook your meat on low heat to grill and roast it on high heat.

The 20-pound hopper capacity provides little effort to replenish fuel for the 20+ hour cooking process.

Temperature Controlling

I already told in my previous article on rectec RT 700 about recteq control, they providing the best controlling system. The Rec-Tec RT 340 carries PID Smart controller Technology™.

Most griller man does not know how PID works. PID created an algorithm that uses pellet fuel and temperature rates to determine how many pellets the smoker actually needs to retain the heat discussed earlier in my article. The system automatically reduces the consumption of wood pellets when the smoker reaches the desired temperature.

The PID controller system works in the same way it is used in bakery industries and breweries which always provides the same taste and smiler results.

rec tec 340

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Controlling Feature of Rec Tec Trailblazer RT-340

  • Smart Grill Technology ™ controller that provides proprietary PID algorithm, maintains temperature properly
  • Automatic lighting feature for no more messy charcoal or unsafe fire starter
  • The Rec-Tec RT-340 has an automatic shutdown feature that enters cool-down mode with the push of a button
  • The complete setting allows achieving 500º F above the temperature
  • Dual Meat Probe (Probe A, Probe B) which is to supervise 2 cooks simultaneously

Heating Capacity

The rec tec trailblazer RT-340 is designed to work in harsh weather as well. The Temperature controller allows you to adjust the temperature to within +/- 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Rectec PID controller provides you with accurate information. Super accuracy means super consistent and great results always.

The question in your mind rectec 340 how hot. The PID digital controller goes smoothly from 200° F – 500° F in a couple of minutes. This rec tec rt 340 is slightly smoked which should be 150° F but most users don’t require this.
The Rectec has a special features LO setting for low-temperature cooking and below 200° F to maximize smoke production. If you are searing your meat do maximize the temperature up to 500° F.

  • 200ºF to 500ºF in 5º increments and you can Bake, smoke, sear, grill, broil, roast, and even dehydrate
  • The complete set for 500ºF allows achieving above the temperature
  • LO settings that allow you to have excessive smoke, operate below 200ºF to achieve maximum smoke output

WiFi Enabled

Rec tec trailblazer RT-340 provides you a premium features WiFi-enabled that offers excellent control over the temperature using the smartphone. You have to install the app and connect with WiFi and remotely control and monitor your grill with your wireless device.

Now you have a power key to monitor and grill your food even while sitting among your guests. Just set the desired temperature and time and wait until you are ready to eat. You can read the best pellet smoker article.

And you have 2 dual meat probe that gives you precise information about the cooking meat temperature. When your meat is ready it automatically shut down and gets a notification.


When we are discussing the portability of rec tec rt 340. This is a portable size rectec grill and easily comes in your truck. It has 2 large wheels for easy mobility and two stands that provide stability.

The weight also helps for easy mobility, you can bring it with you for tailgates, picnics, or outdoor cooking. Now is the time to burn your neighbors.

The Rec-Tec RT 340 dimensions chart is available so that can you have a clear picture in your mind about the size. Now is the time to bring home a great pitmaster partner for your grilling experience. Here is an article for Best-Pit-Smokers-list

rec tec 340
rec tec 340

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Extra Features

This RT-340 is made in the USA and does not want to turn off the features. This excellent grill has 2 meat probes for monitoring the internal temperature of the meat, a huge hopper with a lid made of stainless steel, tool hooks, and internal lighting. If your looking for an all-in-on-smoker so this article will help you read carefully.

You’ll only get a rec tec RT-340 bundle of some extra accessories. This rec tec rt 340 produces 8500 BTUs of power per hour with no fillers, binders, or preservatives.

How Easy To Clean Rec Tec 340

This Recteq grill cleaning is so easy, when you go in for cleaning, keep in mind two things, a Recteq 340 has a self-cleaning feature and automatic shutdown mode that lets you firepot every 2-3 cooking days. Allows to clean Second, this grill does not have a pellet hopper purge door.

The Rectec grill manufacturer told its user that they could leave the pellet inside the smoker for 6 weeks, but cleaning on time is better. Use the scoop for the easiest way to clean. A 5-gallon bucket was added to collect the waste. Check it comparison between Pit-boss and Traeger

The rec tec grill has a basic feature to clean such as a drip tray made of stainless steel that allows easy cleaning. When you use 50-80 pounds of pellets then time to clean.


The Recteq RT 340 like other models has less warranty time just a 2-year but a full warranty that indicates the leading brand in the market. Some other brands offer similar warranties, but Rectec covers everything and has superb customer support. We are World’s No-1 customer support team in this segment.

Already I told you about Recteq grills being the top-rated brand in the online market as well as offline market. If you face any kind of problem in the future then world-class customer support help and solves it, they care about you.

This model receives a 4.5-star rating from verified users, until I read all verified user reviews, I get no complaints.

Optional Features

There is an rec tec rt 340 bundle that does not include everything. Here are great add-ons and accessories that you can find.

  1. 160 lbs. CookinPellets Perfect Mix: This is a special premium blend of the most popular hardwood cooking pellets used today! A mixture of hickory, hard maple, cherry, and apple is very good on small cooks and gives a smooth smokey taste on long fumes.
  2. 20 lbs. Kingsford® Hickory Wood Pellets: Kingsford® all-natural pellets are made with pure flavored hardwoods to relish the authentic hickory flavor of every pitmaster. Strong, hearty, and savory Hickory Griller’s choice for beef favorites such as ribeye, prime rib roast, and short ribs.
  3. 20 lbs. Kingsford® Classic Wood Pellets: All of this natural shrapnel offer a spicy blend of hickory, oak, and cherrywood for a big, bold no-holds-barred flavor. This spicy blend of hardwood is excellent for most proteins and is a great choice to take a grilled chicken to the next level.
  4. 20 lbs. Kingsford® Maple Wood Pellets: Good grillers know to accept the sweet side of smoke. Maple wood fruit smoke is a great choice to pair with most proteins and vegetables, especially salmon. All of these natural pellets are made from pure flavored hardwood to give the bold, sweet taste of real maple wood.

Two Alternative Of Rectec RT 340

Traeger Grills TFB89BLFC Ironwood 885

Specification Of Traeger Ironwood 885

Constructed MaterialStainless Steel, Cast Iron
Grilling Area885 sq in
Ironwood Dimensions53 x 27 x 47 inches
Control StyleWiFIRE Controller
Works with AlexaYes
Hopper Capacity20 lb
Double Side-Wall InsulationYes
Hopper CleanoutYes
Traeger Downdraft Exhaust SystemYes
WiFIRE EnabledYes
Fuel TypeWood, Charcoal
Traeger Weight196.6 pounds

Traeger TFB57GZEO Pro Series 575 Grill

Specification of Traeger Pro-Series 575 Grill

If you are an owner here must read about the problems.

Constructed MaterialStainless Steel, Cast Iron
Grilling Area575 sq in
Traeger Pro-575 Dimensions53x41x27 in
Control StyleWiFIRE Controller
Works with AlexaYes
Hopper Capacity18 Pounds
Hopper CleanoutYes
Double Side-Wall InsulationYes
WiFIRE EnabledYes
Traeger Downdraft Exhaust SystemYes
Traeger Pro-575 Weight128 lb
Fuel TypeWood

What says verified users about Rec-Tec RT 340


Purchased this smoker about 2 months ago, since it was such a great deal!! Best Product ever, have made brisket, ribs and a couple of pork butts, all were cooked perfectly, had a great smoky flavor and very tender. My only regret is not choosing the 590, since this is a bit small for my needs. Will be upgrading to the larger size soon.


I have had the RT 340 for almost a year now. I will be 64 in a few weeks and during my life, I have had many different smokers and grills. From smoking to grilling this is the best smoker/grill I’ve ever had. Bought the Bullseye grill for one of my sons and both he and his wife love it.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Is the Rec Tec 340 big enough?

The rec tec rt-340 has 340-square inches cooking area that might look less size but is excellent for small-size families.

If you are not satisfied with this space you have additional feature addon 170 square inches. The stainless steel structure is made for the long run.

How heavy is the Rec Tec 340?

Built for portable use, the RT-340 is excellent for tailgates, which is why it weighs only 80 pounds. Low maintenance and cooking give great results. Changing the foil on the drip pan is easy.

What’s better Rec Tec or Traeger?

The easiest term is the best rectec, but that does not mean that the jackpot is not good, just a slight difference, we understand it from the rating. Rectec has 9.8/10 stars and Traeger has 9.6/10 star

What is the biggest Rec Tec Grill?

The Rec Tec grill produces high-quality products with simple and effective easy-to-use features. When the biggest grill in your mind is the RT-700 and RT-590, you are wrong.

The biggest grill at Rec-Tec is the RT-2500 BFG Wood Pellet Grill that they make that can you order online.

The RT-TMG Chuckwagon (2400 sq. in. cooking area) Wood Pellet Grill and RT-CMG Beast (2400 sq. in. cooking area) Wood Pellet Grill are only for local pickup as both are huge recteq grill smokers.

Final Verdict

Now! I feel you have a clear picture of this RT-340. I hope you have good knowledge of this grill. Rectec is a top-rated brand in the market because they are made of top-quality units.

If you’re looking for the perfect portable pellet grill that doesn’t come close to offering great performance, and high-end construction, this is a great value-for-money product with lots of versatility. Now it is up to you what you want but the recommendation still stands.

Now it is available on Amazon.

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